A beautiful floating utopia, up in the sky, where people live in harmony and peace. Where the food is fresh, the children are free and are all watched down upon The Master. The Master ruler of this great mass of land in the sky watches over the utopia and keeps this land mass in its place, the sky. He rules the area with an iron fist, but yet is gentle with his rules. He has never been spotted out in public, but you can always see his second in command, who's also very gentle and friendly that she blends easily in with the crowd and secretly gives out orders. But rumors told that the power source that keeps this happy landscape is held up by a powerful source, a power that our incomprehensive minds can't even handle how powerful this source is, that even the master is afraid, that he is bind to every little order to this powerful being. Giving life forms to this beast to keep him happy and destroying us all. Soon people begin to disappear in this small utopia and a blind shadow is enveloping over it blending in with the darkness and when no one expects it, it strikes, another victim is taken by the shadow and never heard of again. And that's why I have created this gang, to get to the truth and take down the master for being cowardly and bidding to this monsters rules, for feeding his innocent people to this darkness, while expecting all of us to live freely. This is the master's mistake and he will be taken down by me, the leader of the rebel group, A Book Falls in an Awkward Place!

"Wow, pretty intense there weren't you Silvy," asked the boy looking up from his book to shoot a lame expression to her, "And why did you name a group with such a long name?" He asked pushing his glasses up far up on the bridge of his nose.

"Well I thought it was a great name, I mean think about it, when you're reading a book," she said pushing the book in the boy's hands down onto the table making it go down with a loud clunk, "and it falls down in like a pile of poop or something or like a spider's web you look at it and can't seem to pick it up! Even if it's a book you adore you just don't have the heart to pick it up, because it fell in something nasty, if you know what I mean," she tried to explain wiggling her finger in the air.

"No I don't, I would be upset and wonder why I had dropped it in the first place," he frowned as he brought the book back up, "And it's quite foolish to hate the master just, because you're parents are gone," he scoffed.

"What! I'm serious, don't you believe me Rai when I tell you that they were fed to that beast keeping this place up? I mean I don't think they were just drowned in the rivers, I mean this place is small they had to have found them," she frowned getting upset that he wasn't believing her at all.

"Silvy, look," he sighed putting his book down and pushed his glasses up, "I know how upset you are that your parents passed, but it's not healthy to make up story and run around feeding off a rumor that's not true. I mean you're already known for being the leader of that rebel gang, you'll get in trouble with the Master if he knows that you're being dead serious," he frowned placing a hand on her shoulder, "Look I'm looking out for you just like everyone else in this town so try you best to feel better," he said flashing a smile to her.

Pushing his hand off of her shoulder she pouted and crossed her arms, "Freakin, you never believe me Rai, and you know that rumor is full truth, you have no back up why so many people are missing now! And you know my group has a lot of followers-"

"You know what, let's go walk around a bit Siv, I need to go book hunting anyhow," he sighed trying to change the subject and got up from his seat.

"Fine," she huffed getting up and looked up to the top of the spiraled land at the large light house figure and frowned, "I'll figure out your secret and bring you down," she mumbled under her breath before following behind Rai.

Sumus solis, known as the name of the great utopia in the sky where many knowledgeable people reside, who has the most intriguing desire of books and art. The landscape is just a long coiled cobblestone pathway where stores and houses are attached and located right next to this snake like road. In the middle of this spring like land, air flows, this keeps the utopia floating, and at the very top is where The Master resides. A lighthouse like structure rests where the path ends and is said where he lives and watches the small town carefully, while once in awhile sends out his second in command to give out his orders. Everyone is happy here and is raised with the knowledge of great novels and look up to certain artist in their liking with a passion. Fi Clounce, the Master's second in command who is known by everyone, but even though she is so high up in power she is treated as a regular person. Her background is unknown and little is known about her, except she is quite shy and loves her afternoon tea. Silvy Esperanza an 18 year old girl known as the founder and leader of the gang, A Book Falls in an Awkward Place, is very hyperactive and found accompanied by her friend Rai Kuu, who's found with a book in front of his face and is a year older then Silvy and see her as a little sister. Silvy had lost her parents when she had just turned 14 years of age, swearing that the great monster that keeps Sumus solis up in the sky had eaten them as a sacrifice. Even though just a rumor, strange disappearances has happened and many of them cannot be explained, causing rumors to spread and the rebel gang to grow strong in team members. Silvy promises to find the answer to what the Master is hiding and bring him down and make him fall twice as much then he has risen.