I really write a lot of kid-oriented stuff… (by the way, this is in the mystery section because of that last line.)

Written 2012.02.02

"Alright everyone, pick up your pencils! Today's assignment is to write about something that amazes you!"

Little Anna looked down at her paper, furrowing her brows in concentration before the perfect idea hit her. She began to furiously scribble on her paper, absolutely sure that her first-grade teacher would give her an 'A'.

The thing that amazes me the most are trees!

They're really pretty and green in spring and summer, and in the fall they turn red and yellow and orange and gold! That's really cool! Either way they're pretty, but I wish I could change colors too. I want to be purple!

But in winter, the tree leaves fall off, and all that's left is ugly brown sticks. They look dead.

But they're not dead, because after winter they get better! It only takes a little bit until they're all green again!

They never give up!

I wish I could do that too.