The Art of Her Eye

All the students had gathered in the Art room; most of them looking at their canvases with half-dead eyes. The teacher walked in with a large sketchbook and a take-out coffee.

"All right children," she said in a monotone, American voice "today, the curriculum says that, as Art students you need to express your 'inner feelings' and put them on paper as something 'beautiful'…so…paint!"

On her signal, the dedicated Art students set to work on their pieces.

Ariel stared at the blank canvas for a few moments. She tried to think of a way to paint what she could define as her soul.

'I could draw another angel,' Ariel thought 'white wings, long hair, clouds, blue sky, but that doesn't seem to be quite enough to actually define me.'

Ariel looked down at her tube of paint, she always used the whites, reds, blues and greens. She looked at the full tubes of the darker colours that came with her favourites.

She then saw the only colour she had never even opened.


She looked at the blank canvas and decided to take another leap.

She removed the plastic from the cap of the tube and emptied the black substance in a line on her palette, she added different amount of white to make the range from white to black.

Ariel dipped her favourite brush into the pure black and lashed against the canvas. She attacked the canvas in bold strokes, hoping to achieve her masterpiece.

As Ariel lashed at the now corrupted canvas, the other students noticed her either passion or rage. The students stopped their works just to watch as the black paint glided across the canvas and crafted the picture.

Ariel finally calmed down and relieved the brush of its black dye.

She then placed her brush into the nearly lightest gray and began adding more onto the picture. She incorporated the blues and then more black. The features of the picture began to become clearer as Ariel's arms moved the paint, forming the picture that mirrored her spirit.

Ariel added the last few touches and finally set down the brush. She took in a deep breath, having incorporated her spirit and mind into the strokes of her brush. Ariel sat up moved her neck in a circular motion and heard the satisfying cracks in her ears. She opened her eyes and noticed how the entirety of the classroom had stopped and stared at her.

She looked around confused, wondering what she'd done to attract such attention to herself.

Kayden walked over to her side and whispered the answer in her Ariel's ear. Ariel's eyes widened and her cheeks reddened in embarrassment.

The teacher walked over slowly, looking down on Ariel. She motioned for Ariel to move out of the way. Ariel did so, allowing the teacher to see the focal point of the silent commotion.

She looked upon the fresh picture and seemed to be in awe. Her mouth was agape, her eyes were wide, and her hand was limp.

"This," she murmured "Ariel Smith. This can only be described,"

Ariel clenched her eyes and braced herself for judgment.

"A masterpiece," the teacher said.

Ariel's eyes snapped open in shock. She looked up at her teacher, who was wearing a bright smile upon her face.

"This is beautiful! Such masterful strokes, such passion contained in such serenity. The mixture of colours and the effect they create. It's like she's standing right in front of us." She exclaimed "what will you name it?"


20 years into the future…

In the Grand Museum of Art, in the digital age era, amongst pictures involving technology or scrap metal, in it's own spotlight. A painting hangs. The label reads

Too Real – by Ariel Smith


After everybody had seen Ariel's painting, they all eventually settled back down to work. Ariel ended up simply turning the canvas over and writing her signature and the date.

"Alright everyone, put down your brushes, its time for recess," the teacher said clapping for everyone to send her attention to her "see you next session."

Everybody gathered their brushes and left the room.

"So, quite the masterpiece you've got there eh?" Kayden said looking at the painting "it sure does seem like you. I don't know why. Looks nothing like you but I kinda get the sense it's you."

"Well aren't you nice?" Ariel smiled "I think it's one of the best I've done."

"Maybe you should put this up in your room," Kayden suggested "keep ol' Hope company."

Ariel smiled as she considered the idea.

"Yeah, maybe," she said.

As they left for the door, the teacher called for Ariel. After telling Kayden she'd be right out she went over to the teacher's desk.

"Ariel, that painting is absolutely magnificent," the teacher smiled "you have amazing talent."

"I was just in the right place and got the idea," Ariel blushed.

"Well," the teacher smiled "there's an art competition in a couple weeks at Town Hall and I would like to submit your painting, with your permission of course."

Ariel's eyes widened with glee.

"Oh my God, yes, yes," Ariel grinned.

"Fantastic," she smiled "I just need you to sign this slip, saying that you, as the artist, give permission for me to take it in."

The teacher handed her a pen and Ariel signed it hastily.

"All right, get ready to be made young lady," the teacher smiled.

"I'll be able to take it home before the competition though, right?" Ariel asked.

"Of course, just have it back to me within the week," the teacher bargained. Ariel simply nodded cheerily.

Ariel grinned as she skipped off out of the classroom. She opened the door and saw Kayden.

"Yo. What did she want?" Kayden asked, noticing Ariel's good mood.

"She's putting my artwork in to an art competition," Ariel squealed.

Kayden's eyes widened.

"Oh my God, wow!" Kayden exclaimed "this is great. I just know that you're going to be discovered soon."

"I hope so," Ariel said "c'mon let's go."

They walked off into the playground, where the other children were running around; still playing the games they had yet to grow tired of.

Ah, the joys of childhood.