Scarlet Blossoms

By Gea Ecoy, Yumie Takita and Lizzy Wagas

A butterfly flew from flower to flower in the garden. Bees buzzed while flying back and forth from their honeycomb to the flowers, collecting lots and lots of nectar. A bluebird sang from high up the branches of a tree beside a young girl's window. It was that wonderfully beautiful melody that woke her up from her deep slumber.

Her eyes fluttered open, revealing bright cerulean orbs. She lazily stretched her limbs and slowly got out of bed. Opening the window, she let the rays of the early morning sun flood her room. The once dim bedroom was now filled with light and the auburn haired maiden was wide-awake. Humming a delightful tune, she went through her morning necessities with a smile. Afterwards, she sat by the windowsill admiring the view of the sun against the neighboring mountaintop. The grass still gleamed with dew from last night's shower and the smell of spring was in the air. It was Valentine's Day.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" she screamed out the window at the top of her lungs.

'Happy Valentine's Day, love!" a young man said as he climbed up the vine to her window. The moment he stepped inside, the young maiden immediately leapt into his arms.

"Dave!" she cried as she hugged him tightly and she kissed him passionately on his gorgeous lips.

Then, unexpectedly, an awfully hard loaf of bread hit the poor guy on the head. Both lovers quickly released each other and looked to where the loaf came from. Both froze in horror for there standing in the doorway with her hands upon her hips was a very furious mother.

"Anne Marie Loveheart, how dare you let a male in your room; without my permission no less in this hour of day!" Anne's mother yelled at her daughter. The prim woman stepped inside her daughter's room.

"You are grounded young lady! You are forbidden to speak to this man forever! Now, step away from him!" she shouted as she took out a remote control from her apron pocket and pressed a bright red button.

A loud rattling sound was heard through the whole house as bars and blinds closed on all doors, windows and any possible outlets in the house.

"Mother, what in the world is all of this?" asked a very confused Anne.

"This is for your own good." her mother answered as she took the stupefied Anne by the elbow and led her out the room.

Anne was too shocked to comprehend what was happening. At the doorway, her monster of a mom turned around and pressed a green button on the remote that was still in her hand. A metal cage falls from the ceiling on the unsuspecting boy and traps him to his doom.

"Just to make sure you don't run away and don't even try to escape, the bars are made of the toughest steel." She threatened.

Immediately, Anne snapped out of her stupor. "Mother, this is madness! Release him at once! What you're doing is crazy!" she all of a sudden yells.

"Don't you raise your voice to me, young lady. Remember I am your mother and I know what's best for you. Now let's go." her mother says as she drags the girl from the room.

As his love is being dragged from the bedroom, Dave quickly snaps out of his torpor. "Holy cow! All hell has broken loose! Aaah!" he exclaims frantically trying to break free from the cage that held him prisoner forgetting that it was wrought from the hardest steel. At a time like that, it is not best to speak of the devi-, ahem, cow.

Anne's mother returned and he froze in his actions. "What did you do with Anne?" he inquires at once.

"She has been given a sedative and is now slumbering peacefully. The moment she wakes up, she will have no recollection of what happened and so will you." she said with a manic look in her eyes. Dave backs off uneasily.

"You will be the judge of your fate and since you have already done so by fluently cursing with the use of a cow then I will set you free…" she said as Dave let out a relieved sigh. "…in the cow pen." she finished maniacally.

"I guess that won't be so bad…" he thought to himself. But the thought immediately left him as he was forcefully thrown into the cow pen where he lands straight onto the incredibly moist behind of the cow.

Unfortunately for him, the cow had just released toxic, foul-smelling, radioactive solid wastes seconds ago. It was a most pleasant experience for him. Suddenly the cow urinated, making the already pleasant experience into an even better experience. It took two whole excruciating and painful hours for the beautiful cow to finish urinating. All through that time, poor Dave had to endure the stench while still in that amazingly comfortable position.

When he was finally set free, Anne, who had no recollection of what happened that morn, saw him and she was shocked to see her love in that predicament. She was surprised at how messy his clothes were, how dirty his pants became and how soiled his face came to be. She was disgusted when she came nearer and smelled the foul odor coming from him.

"Eww, gross! You're filthy and repulsing! You don't even deserve to be here. Terror, attack him!" she ordered as an angry pure Mexican bull charged towards him.

The name suited bull well for he really did look terrifying as he huffed furious snorts from behind Dave. The poor boy ran for his life, nearly wetting his pants when he dared look back at the mad bull. His eyes became the size of dinner plates and his jaw literally dropped.

He began screaming at the top of his lungs and wasted no time in running as far away as possible from the enraged bull. He jumped over the wooden pen, which he heard being smashed only seconds later and raced to the fence, which enclosed Anne's house from the rest of the cliffside. He didn't know that the fence was actually highly electrically charged.

The moment he climbed up, he was electrocuted and he fell off the other side of the fence. What he thought was the other side of the fence was in reality a steep ravine. He fell into that ravine but was caught by a hungry vulture to be its prey.

Luckily for him, the vulture found a better prey and immediately dropped him. He was caught again this time by an eagle as the hungry predator. Unfortunately for the eagle, the falcon also had his eyes on the human and Dave fell from the eagle's grasp in the fight that ensued between the two birds

He landed at the bottom of the ravine beside the small stream where a blossom tree was growing. The fall had made him fracture his skull and injure his brain. Blood flowed freely for the various wounds he had received but he felt no pain.

His heart had already stopped beating the moment the electric shock coursed through his body. Insects and worms came and swarmed his body. As his skin was being eaten, his flesh started to decompose and it was filled with maggots.

His carcass was left to the germs and bacteria that thrived in the area while his blood seeped into the ground, turning the pink of the fallen blossom's petals a dark scarlet hue. And there he slept amidst the blossom tree and the flowing stream with his half decomposed corpse, never to awaken for all eternity.