In 1918 World War 1 ended after four long years,

In November poppies were planted, on the battlefields,

By July they were grown, showing their petals to us all.

The red petals representing the blood shed,

Recognising the need for remembrance.

The poppy became known to us all,

As the remembrance flower,

So we all wear it, but only for one day in November.


In 1945 the Second World War came to an end,

But that was just one battle, in an ongoing war,

This long war needs to stop, the fighting needs to end.

The blood needs to stop being shed on the battlefields,

The hatred needs to stop the war needs to stop.

Why is there a need for the constant fighting?

The need to kill one another?

Why can't we have peace on earth?


Every few years or so, there is a spark, to reignite,

There is something, to cause a new battle in the constant war.

There is a world out there and we need to bring peace to it,

Before it's too late and we're all caught up in it,

Until it consumes us and we forget the meaning of the word peace.


The only reason why people have died in wars,

Is to try and make the world a better place for us.

So we need to honour them and stop the fighting,

Because there is really no need now for it.

There is really no need for it.


Please give peace another chance.

The poppies are worn to remember the fallen,

But the petals look exactly the same as their blood.

Why do we only remember them on one day each year?

Surely they should be remembered everyday,

Because they sacrificed their lives for us to live everyday.


We don't know the horrors of war,

Unless we've fought in one ourselves.

We need to stop this constant war.

We need to wear the poppies.

We need to remember.

We need to remember what the poppies are all about.