I am a vampire. The common tales of us are not true, however.

We do not cower in the light of the sun, but it does somewhat drain our powers. Even so, I am stronger than any mortal, even in direct sunlight. We do not cower in fear in the sight of a cross, and to prove this fact true, I sometimes wear a tiny silver cross around my neck.

Many people think that if someone has a single religious bone in their body, that person cannot become a vampire.

This is also untrue. I knew many people who actually thought they were sent to Hell when they awoke as one of the Undead.

I am Ivy Pyre, and this is my story.

Chapter One

Iwalked into a roadside cafe, if you can even call it that. In all my three thousand years, I have seen the worst and best of the best restaurants and cafes built and used, then torn apart and rebuilt.

This makes my top five favorites, however. This place is somewhat comforting. Maybe because the food tastes so freaking good, I'm not sure.

Anyways, on with the story. I came here to meet with one of my clan mates, Monica. She's a skilled hunter, even more so than I, and I happen to be over a thousand years old. Then again, Dani and Tianelle were the ones who trained her...
Anyways; we were meeting to talk about the next Clan Meeting during the Full Hunters' Moon.

This is when we speak the to the ones who call themselves werewolves.

Those moronic wolves like to take over our territory whenever we look away, and we need to take care of this consistent issue, even if this means one of those werewolves vs. vampires' war.

Moni walked into the cafe and sat down at my table and stretched, arcing her back like a feline. "So, have you heard?" she asked. "If you mean have I heard about the trespassers going on our land, then yes, I have heard," I replied, sipping my blood through a straw. By the way, this is a vampire cafe. This place serves anything you want, but if you're a human, you get a whole other menu than us vamps.

Moni lifted her feet up in the air and plopped them on the table. "Yep, you've heard. So, are you going to the Clan Meeting?" I groaned. I honestly can't stand those damned meetings. Every damn year we have to go to those damn meetings, and I'm damn sick and fucking tired of it.

I think the only time these meetings are any good are when the wolves come. I know this sounds more-than-a-little cliché, but I'm more than just friends with one of them.

His name is Damien, and we've known each other since we were less then one year old. We became friends around the time we were around fourteen in human years... Moni snapped her fingers in my face. "Ivy? You okay?" she asked with a grin.

I nodded. "I think I'm okay," I replied, looking away. I looked at the entrance, and saw Damien walk in with a few members of his pack. The cafe owner, Ashley, looked little tense when she saw them waltz in like they owned the place. Tianelle and Dani turned around in their seats and gave the wolves a cold stare. Walter, a measly member of the wolf pack, gave Ashley a wink and a flirty grin.

Seeing this, Tianelle walked over and slapped him across the face. "Don't even look at us, pup," she said with a cold look. "If you touch anyone of us, in any way, I will rip your (whispers in his ear and he flinches) off. Got it?" He stalked away into the corner and curled up in a fetal position with his tail between his legs, no pun intended. "So, are you okay?" Tianelle asked her, trying not to grin or blush. Giving her a glare, Ashley replied, saying, "Yes, I'm fine."

Tianelle held up her hands in surrender and walked back to her table. I really fucking hope that we're able to talk about the damn meeting so we all know where it is. I'm damn tired of waiting. Yes, I have a very short attention span.

Walking over to my table, Damien smiled at me and sat down. "So, when's the damned meeting?" I asked, sipping the rest of the blood out of the glass. Laughing, he said, "During the next Full Moon, you know that. Every Hunters' Moon we have the meeting of the wolves and vampires. It's at the forest behind your house this time. I'm surprised you didn't know that." Tianelle walked up to our table and asked why Damien was even in our cafe.

He replied and said, "This is a public place. Why shouldn't I be here? I'm just letting everyone know when and where the Meet is. Is there a problem?" "Yes, there is a problem, mutt, " Tianelle replied spitefully, "This is our territory, and you are not supposed to be here." Damien laughed and got up from my table and cracked his knuckles. A challenge. I did not want his to happen here and now. I got up abruptly and stood between them and said, "Wait until the damned Full Moon already. If you are going to fight, wait until the Moon is full." I glared at both of them.

"A challenge is a challenge. You know that whenever someone of the Wolf Clan challenges one of our clan, we fight during the Hunters' Moon."

Glaring at Damien, Tianelle walked out. I made a motion to Moni, Dani, and Ashley, and they nodded. We all walked out and headed for the forest, knowing that's where she went to use some of her pent-up anger on some huge tree as usual.
We transformed into small bats and flew to the usual spot. There are hardly any trees left in this area, and this is quite a large area of land.

Even the stumps are gone, and we followed the sound of trees being ripped up from the roots. All the trees in a two-mile radius were gone, leaving a huge, perfect circle. I now see why the next Challenge/Meeting is in the forest behind my house. We hid behind a particularly large boulder and transformed back into our normal forms. We were kind of al natural, if you get my drift.

Either way, since we're straight, it didn't really matter. We walked out into the clearing and told her about the challenge. She punched one of the trees to hard it fell over, roots and all. "I am so fucking PISSED!" she shouted at the sky. We all looked at each other and decided to wait until we told her that the Meeting and the Challenge being on the same night right here in this clearing.

This turned out to be one of the worst mistakes we could've ever made.