The romantic

They tell you it'll come in time,
that you just have to wait.
That it happens on it's own
and it's nothing you can create.

But how can you believe that
and then hold in peace,
when everybody's out there
and you haven't found the keys?

You don't give a damn if it hurts
and neither if it kills.
All you want is somebody
to give you the chills.

You've seen all the movies
and you know the fairy tales
so you know how it goes;
love never fails.

So is it me, am I wrong?
You wonder yet another night.
Should I act differently
or would that only worsen my fight?

You prey to God today again
that your love will soon come to you
Because you're already worried
that your love won't come through.

Yes, you know you're young
and you shouldn't worry about this.

But that kind of unconditional love
is something that you miss.