You promised you'd never hurt her,

You promised you'd alway's love her,

Now look what you've gone and done.

She cries in bitter silence as she prays for strength to leave,

Her laughter and smiles... now replaced with anger and hurt.

Tell me: Do you feel more like a man now?

Just sit in that chair honey , and tell me- How do you feel about that?

She say's its over but your little brain just can't seem to comprehend,

What's it gonna take to make you see...

From this messed up mayhem you call love; she will flee.

She is way to good for you and deserves to be free,

You cry out and beg for one more chance...

Making pathetic promises which quickly turn to wasted oxygen.

You kept her quiet for as long as you could,

You promised me she was fine!

I knew from day one you'd walk a fine line.

You lied to her but OH! how you lied to me too.

I don't take kindly to that you see,

When I hear your name-my blood boils,

When i see your face, my eye's burn with rage.

It's people like you who need the confinement of a cage.

Hours , days, weeks wasted befriending you.

What a sad shame,

All that time you played a foolish game.

One last promise is all I ask of you-

Dont ever cross my path.

Because the Day that you do your bound to see my wrath.

You made a promise you couldn't now honey...

Read it and weep!