He was drunk, he knew it. He couldn't remember drinking too much, but he was a lightweight anyway. Everything was blurry and he couldn't control his body very well. He stumbled only to findsomeone was holding him up. He looked over to his right and saw someone familiar, someone from one of his classes. The person smiled at him, amusement in his eyes.

He smiled back, drunkenly.

The other manhad dark skin that was a warm chocolate-brown. His smile was big, his teeth shininga brilliant white against his skin. He could feel his muscles moving under his arm, which was slung around his shoulder. The manwas mostly holding him up. He tried to help by walking by himself, but he just tripped. He caught him easily.

"You couldn't have had more than a couple bottles of beer, Alan," he chuckled in a deep voice.

"I'm jusht a lightweight," he answered, speech slurred.

He chuckled again. "I can see that," he said, "I'm going to take you home since you can't even walk right."


He leaned against the sturdy frame of his companion as they walked out of the club and into the night air. The sharp bite of the cold brought back some of his soberness. They walked over to Jacob's car. Jacob!That was his name, Alan remembered in a Eureka moment. Jacob helped Alan into the passenger seat and buckled him in, his hands lingering on Alan a second more than was usual. Alan didn't seem to notice.

Jacob got into the driver's seat and started back to his apartment. Alan fell asleep in his seat, not used to staying up this late.


He felt inadequate. He had flab, he was short, his hair was a limp mousy brown. His skin was pale and reddened easily when any kind of emotion arose. He had horrible anxiety in social situations. He tried to diet to lose the weight, but it never worked. Even when he exercised and didn't eat anything high in fat or sugar. He just stayed the same.

He tried to control his emotions, so his face wouldn't color with the slightest emotion; he didn't want to look stupid. He acted aloof and uncaring, trying to put on a façade and not show his social awkwardness. But that didn't achieve anything except a bad reputation of being a cold person and a loss of friends. All his friends from high school hadleft him and when he got into college, he fell back on the same behavior that had pushed away his friends. People kept away from him, even when he tried and failed miserably to get along with them.

He felt inadequate.

Jacob was so different from him. Tall, muscled, well-liked. He'd been so surprised when Jacob had talked to him in his history class. He'd mumbled a few responses back when greeted, too shy to say more. He'd thought Jacob would be scared off, but he'd continued talking to him. He'd eventually grown used to him enough to talk to him.

They'd even hung out a few times at the student café and at the local pizza place. At the start they'd helped each other study but grown closer over the last couple of months. And tonight Jacob had taken him out to his first bar now that he was twenty one. He'd said he would take care of him, boasted that he knew the good bars, as he was already past twenty one and had time to look through them.

And now he was at Jacob's apartment. Allbecause he'd been drunk and couldn't go home on his own. He wassitting on Jacob's couch right now, his drunkenness wearing off now that time had passed and he'd been given something to eat when Jacob first brought him in. Jacob, at the moment, was changing out of his club clothes and into more comfortable clothes. He'd left Alan on the couch to finish eating.

He settled into the comfy couch and waited patiently while he looked around. The apartment was pretty clean for a bachelor. The furniture was stylish and dark. The coffee table had magazines on it, which he bent forward to view. He looked through the pile. 'People, Home and Garden?', a cooking magazine and-... His face flushed red. In his hand was a ... very different kind of magazine and on the front cover was a very naked, very handsome man. He dropped the magazine with a stifled yelp and hastily rearranged the pile to its original state.

He sat back on the couch, crossed his legs, and put his hands on one knee. Just in timeas Jacob came out of the hallway leading out of the living room, dressed in some grey sweats and a black t-shirt. He looked up atAlan and held out another pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

"Here, why don't you get dressed into something more comfortable?" he said in his deep voice.

Alan nodded jerkily, jumping up and grabbing the clothes before rushing forward. Then he stopped. He turned his head to look at Jacob.

"Um, where is your bathroom?" he asked, blushing lightly.

Jacob smiled. "Down the hall and to the right. The door on the left is my bedroom."

"'kay, thanks." Blushing deeper, he ran down the hall and dived though the open door. He closed it once he was inside. Setting the clothes in his hand on the counter, he began unbuttoning the dark blue button-up shirt that he'd worn to the bar. Folding it carefully, he bent down and took off his shoes and socks. His tight black pants soon following.

Then he caught sight of himself in the mirror and frowned. He was really pear-shaped. He looked down at his hips. They were too wide for a man. He didn't have any definition in his body. Not his abs. Not his chest. His chest was just sad for a man. It was soft and lightly sloped, not chiseled like he wanted. He sighed unhappily before he slipped the t-shirt on over his head and pulled on the pants. He looked down at himself, only feeling more dejected. He looked like a child in these.

He grabbed his folded clothes and shoes and opened the bathroom door, peeking into the hallway. He padded down the hall and into the living room. Jacob was sitting on the couch, watching the TV calmly.

He cleared his throat lightly to get his attention. Jacob looked up. "Where do you want me to put my clothes?"

"Oh, you can just put them on the table next to the door," he said, gesturing with his hand.

He did so, then just stood there feeling unsure of what to do next. Jacob noticed and waved him over. "Come. Sit. We can watch a movie," he said grinning, with that low voice of his. Alan nodded and sat beside him on the couch, admittedly nervously.

"Stay here for a minute. I'll get the movie started," He said. His breath blowing across Alan's ear, making him shiver. Jacob smiled softly when his was face turned away, no doubt trying to stop the blush spreading across his cheeks.

Alan watched Jacob move to the entertainment stand.

"Anything you want to watch?" Jacob asked.

"It doesn't really matter. I like anything." Jacob nodded and picked a seemingly random action movie. He put it into the DVD player and pushed play. Turning off the lights he slid back down next to Alan.

It was a movie he'd never seen before, some sort of British action film, and actually seemed interesting. He settled in to watch, relaxing as they fell into their normal routine.

Slowly, over the course of the movie, Jacob steadily moved closer to Alan on the couch until their thighs were touching. Alan didn't seem to notice, as always, much to Jacob's frustration. But he was going to change that tonight!

He stretched his arm up and over Alan's shoulders, half expecting him to move away or reject him. But he was too engrossed in the movie to really notice, he just snuggled into the hold. Jacob smiled down at the top of his head. He was so adorable. He leaned over and put his head over the top of Alan's. This time Alan did notice.


Jacob kissed him.

He sat there wide-eyed as Jacob pulled away. Letting what just happened sunk in. Red spread down his face to his shoulders. Jacob smiled at him fondly, he really was cute when he blushed like that.

"Uh." That's all Alan could get out.

Jacob chuckled. "You know, I've always liked you. Since the first moment I saw you, embarrassing as it sounds, I developed a crush on you. It grew over time, until all I wanted was to spend every second of my day with you. Does that scare you?"

Alan shook his head wordlessly, his face bright red.

Jacob smiled.

He leant forward slowly, not taking his eyes off Alan's face, giving him time to move away or reject him. When no rejection came, he placed his lips over Alan's. He moved them back and forth over the plump lips he'd so often dreamt about kissing, cradling the back of Alan's head with his hand. Alan made small noises as the kiss progressed, spurring Jacob on. He squirmed in his seat, making Jacob smile into the kiss. Jacob pulled him closer and into his lap, so that he was straddling him, arms now wrapped around him. Alan had his eyes closed and was gripping Jacob's shoulders. Jacob still had his own eyes wide open to watch every expression on Alan's face and every movement of his body.

His clothes were big on Alan. The shirt so big that one side had fallen down, baring his shoulder. Seeing the bared skin gave him ideas. He moved from Alan's mouth, down his jaw, down his neck, and finally to the bared shoulder. Alan was squirming terribly by now; Jacob held him gently but firmly on the hips to keep him still. He sucked at the soft, blushed skin of Alan's shoulder. His thumbs rubbed circles on Alan's hip bone, causing the man's breath to hitch and for him to jump a little. Jacob chuckled into the side of his neck, noticing the goose bumps that appeared.

He decided to speed up the action a bit. He grabbed Alan's hips firmly and brought them forward into his own. Alan's shocked gasp of pleasure brought satisfaction to his mind. So he repeated it, grinding their hips together softly. Slowly Alan began to move against his lap on his own, gasping and making little sounds, he tried to hide. Jacob smiled at each sound. He knew that all of this was new to Alan, and he thoroughly enjoyed being his first in everything.

While Alan was distracted, he steadily moved his hands down the back of his sweat pants until he was gripping his bare bottom. Alan gasped and jerked when he felt the hands on him. Jacob chuckled and started rhythmically squeezing with his hands. He could feel Alan moving into his them.

Alan's head was spinning. No one had ever touched him this way before. He'd never even kissed someone. And now he had Jacob doing this, this- "Ah!"

Jacob's right hand had snuck around to the front of his pants and was now exploring what was there. Alan's eyes went wide, his mouth dropped open in a silent moan of pleasure, only just able to keep the sound in. He gripped Jacob's shoulders more firmly and started humping into his hand. He tried very hard to keep the sounds that wanted to come out inside him. His breath would catch every few moments in his determination to keep quiet. He finally lost the battle and just let them out. He made a low sound as Jacob did something, particularly pleasurable and quickly buried his mouth into Jacob's shoulder, to muffle the sound.

Jacob grinned. He'd finally gotten a sound out of Alan! He doubled his efforts, pleased when Alan made more, louder, sounds. Hearing those sounds gave him pleasure just on their own. His left hand wandered along the soft skin of Alan's side, as his right hand worked furiously. He could feel the body under his hands shuddering at his touch. He could feel the now frantic hips working against his hand and knew it was almost time.

Alan could feel his body tightening and knew, from his times alone, what was about to happen. He tried to tell Jacob but all that came out was a garbled sound as he arched backwards and released. He slumped forward, suddenly very tired. He could feel Jacob's breaths on his neck where he lay slouched over his shoulder. Wait! Jacob didn't- he- "What about you?" he said frantically, "I-are-"

Jacob put a finger up to silent the mouth that was now turned towards him. "Shh," he said in his deep voice, "It was good for me, too." When Alan looked confused he grabbed his smaller, pale hand and pushed it down the front of his own pants.

Alan turned bright red. He was-was touching! Down there on Jacob! And was…was that because of him? His face reddened even more. He'd made Jacob…he gulped. He'd never had that effect on anybody.

Alan had turned very pink when he'd realized what Jacob was showing him. Jacob chuckled at the look of awe and embarrassment on the smaller man's face.

"I think you're very cute and sexy, Alan."

Alan squirmed at that and realized his hand was still down Jacob's pants. He quickly pulled it out and clasped it with his other hand in his lap. He leaned forward so his light brown hair fell into his face and looked shyly up from under his lashes at Jacob.

Jacob's heart squeezed at the sight. He couldn't help the hug he gave Alan as he pulled him tightly against him.

"You're just too cute," he murmured.

They stayed there for a moment before Jacob remembered what they were covered in.

"We should get in the shower before going to bed," he sighed.

"'kay," Alan said.

Alan scooted off Jacob and stood up next to the couch. Placing his arms around behind his back, looking at the floor, his face still bright red from what had just happened. Jacob got up and grabbed his hand, leading him to the bathroom.

He opened the door and pulled Alan in by the hand, giving it a kiss just to watch the man blush deeper. He turned on the light. Then he turned around and started taking off his shirt. Alan stared at the muscled back, watching as the muscles moved under the skin. It had a light layer of sweat on it from their…exertions that gleamed in the light. Jacob turned around, catching Alan staring, and grinned at him.

"Aren't you going to get undressed, too?" he teased, he liked making Alan get all flustered.

Alan fidgeted and nodded. He decided to do it quick, like a Band-Aid. He whipped his shirt off and, nervously, made his way to his pants. He's never been naked in front of anybody before, and it was nerve-racking.

Jacob decided to take pity on him and turned back around. He slid his pants down and moved towards the shower. He turned it on as he waited for Alan to work up his courage. He almost jumped when he felt a small hand touch his shoulder. He got into the shower, followed shortly after by Alan. Alan reached around him for some soap. Jacob still didn't turn around; he didn't want to make Alan anxious.

They both started lathering up; Alan his body, and Jacob his hair, which was chin-length. Jacob was very focused on giving Alan privacy when he heard a giggle. He turned around to see Alan with his hand to his mouth. Alan giggled more.

"Your…your hair looks s-so funny!" he giggled out.

Jacob looked up and noticed that he'd been lathering so much that the soap had formed a big mound on top of his head. Alan giggled again.

"You think this is funny? I'll give you something to really laugh about!" he said mock-menacingly. He stalked closer to Alan and grabbed him by the ribs. Alan's eyes widened.

"You wouldn't dare!"

Jacob's eyes gleamed. He'd found out a couple months ago that Alan was highly ticklish in certain areas. His hands moved up the ribs slowly, watching Alan try to hold it in. But, like other things, Alan eventually caved.

"Bwahahahahahahaha!" He struggled to get away, but Jacob was too strong. And it seemed he had a photographic memory. He kept touching that one really ticklish spot over and over again. Alan grabbed some of the soap that had lathered on his body and threw it at Jacob. It landed on his mouth, making it look like he had a beard. This caused Alan to laugh harder, his sides stitching.

Jacob retaliated by grabbing the shampoo his sister left the last time she'd visited and squirting a huge dollop of it into his hand. He then approached the still-laughing younger man and grabbed him around the waist with one arm, his other going to Alan's hair. He rubbed vigorously, ignoring the hands that came to stop him and the shrieks of indignation. He stepped back when it was foamed enough. He smirked at Alan's expression.

The rest of the shower was filled with both of them trying to get back at each other, and ended with Alan smelling very flowery and Jacob having watery, stinging eyes. They wrapped themselves in large, navy blue towels. Alan had forgotten about his body when they had been playing, but now his insecurities were coming back. Jacob had seen him naked! With all the flab, and the wide hips, and lack of muscle…but he hadn't seemed disgusted. He'd touched him without cringing. He'd held him close to his own body, had felt the difference in their body types. But he hadn't been disgusted.

"Alan? Coming?" Jacob said from his bedroom across the hall, "I've got something for you to wear for tonight." He held out a pair of plaid boxers and a large green t-shirt.

"Thanks," he said, after shaking himself out of his thoughts. He walked to the bedroom and grabbed them from Jacob. He took a deep breath and dropped the towel. Jacob had already seen everything, so he didn't have to feel embarrassed or shamed. He quickly pulled the clothes on and turned to Jacob.

Jacob smiled and beckoned Alan over to the bed he was sitting on. He came over shyly and slid under the covers with him. Jacob wrapped an arm around Alan's waist and pulled him close. He buried his face into Alan's hair and smelled him. He smiled.

"Goodnight, Alan," he murmured.

""night," he said sleepily before yawning and snuggling close.

Jacob smiled again. This was his now. He could wake up and go to sleep seeing this. He grinned wider and tucked Alan's head under his chin before falling asleep.