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Happy Birthday Casanova

"Screw you Giles. Wow! What the hell, how did I not sack you! This is complete bull shit!" Giles laughed and did a little dance as LeSean McCoy, a running back of the Philadelphia Eagles, did his touchdown dance on the flat screen.

It was Tristan's nineteenth birthday, and he had decided to celebrate by bringing his close friends over for a gaming session. Giles was there, along with his two best friends Max and James, and of course, his boyfriend Zander. At the moment, they were playing Madden 12 on Tristan's Xbox, and he was losing.


"You're just jealous that you don't have as much skill as me," Giles retorted as he kicked the ball back off to Tristan.

"Tristan, you suck at this." Zander grinned and nudged his boyfriend in the side.

"You're even worse, so shut it." Tristan growled when he got tackled at the 16 yard line and Zander smirked, but said nothing else. James laughed and stuck out his hand.

"Look, Tristan, why don't you just hand me the controller and let me kick Giles' ass for you. Because obviously, you're not getting the job done."

"James, shut the fuck up." Max put his hand over his mouth and tried to hide his very obvious grin.

"Somebody's raging hard." The room fell silent for a moment until Giles spoke up.

"I hope you realize that sentence sounded super sexual."

"It's why I said it."


"Guys, thanks for the awesome gifts. Thanks for coming. And Giles, I hate you." Giles laughed.

"Love you too Tristan." The gaming session was over, and everyone was leaving Tristan's house.

Everyone except Zander of course.

Tristan bid goodbye to his friends as they left his house and gathered into their own cars, pulling out of his driveway. Tristan turned and closed his front door, as soon as he did so, Zander had him pinned to the door, his knee between Tristan's legs and his hands on his boyfriend's hips.

"What is this all about?" Tristan asked, smirking, as his hands grabbed Zander's forearms.

"I decided that I wanted to give you one more present." Zander leaned forward and traced his boyfriend's lip ring with his tongue, making him groan.

"Dammit Zan." Tristan tried to lean into Zander's touch and kiss him, but his boyfriend wasn't having any of that. Tristan's new necklace moved with him as he tried to kiss Zander; it was his present from his boyfriend—Zander's favorite ring, the one he nearly constantly wore, strung onto a silver chain. "Let me kiss you."

Zander brushed his lips along Tristan's jaw and jugular, chuckling a bit when he felt his boyfriend's pulse quicken. Zander pulled back, grinning. "Bedroom," was all he said before he disappeared down the hall and up the stairs.

Tristan slumped against the door and ran his fingers through his hair. He was excited and anxious—it was so sexy when his boyfriend took control.

It turned him on.

Ready to see what his boyfriend was up to, Tristan ran down the hall and bounded up the stairs to his own room. He pushed the door open, brushing his hair out of his eyes, and stepped inside. He didn't see his boyfriend anywhere…

Suddenly, two hands covered his eyes and Tristan gasped, soon smiling afterwards when he realized who it was.

"It's your birthday," the familiar voice murmured, low and sexy. Their bodies were pressed close together, and Tristan was already starting to get hard. "Today…it's all about you." Zander kept his hands over Tristan's eyes as he walked his boyfriend to the bed, making him belly-flop onto it. Zander crawled on top of him, straddling his thighs, and pushed his shirt up as far as he could.

"I want to see your beautiful face Zan. Let me up."

"Not yet Casanova, just wait." Tristan let a smile ghost across his lips—Zander wasn't the one to use pet names, but fuck, it sure did sound good rolling off of his tongue and past his perfect lips.

"Alright," Tristan murmured, closing his eyes. He waited as he heard the cap to something pop open, and he moaned in delight when his boyfriend's hands slid up his back, slick with massage oil, and began working out his tense muscles. "Oh Zan…" Tristan did the best he could to pull his shirt off—it awkward doing so since he was in such a restricting position—and pressed his cheek back into his soft sheets.

"Hm?" Zander hummed, his palms pressing into the space between his boyfriend's shoulder blades.

"I didn't know you had massage oil." Zander chuckled a bit and continued to massage his boyfriend.

"Until yesterday, I didn't." Tristan was about to respond, but all thoughts left his mind when Zander's lips pressed against the back of his neck, making him shiver.

"You're killing me Zander…" He croaked, sighing afterwards.

"Well, hopefully you don't die before I'm done. Flip over for me." Zander climbed off of his boyfriend for a moment, allowing him to turn over, and then he assumed his position straddling his legs again. Tristan opened his eyes and looked at his boyfriend, who was looking so cute biting his lip and being super concentrated.

Tristan reached out and brushed the back of his hand across his boyfriend's cheek, surprising him since he had been in such deep concentration. "You're so adorable." Zander blushed hard but somehow managed a stern face.

"Close your eyes. You're not allowed to watch." Tristan frowned.

"Aw, why not? I thought today was all about me."

"It is. But I get to make up the rules, so close your eyes or I stop." Tristan let out a small laugh and closed his eyes again, grinning when he felt Zander's hands on his chest. They ran over his abs, stopping for a moment to feel the muscles there, and then continued up his torso. Zander's hands stopped at Tristan's nipples, flicking his thumbs over them before tweaking them between his fingers, making his boyfriend groan beneath him.

"Fuck, that feels…nngh…" Zander smiled and continued to pinch his boyfriend's nipples as he leaned down to whisper into his ear.

"Now you know how I feel when you do that," Zander murmured, nibbling on Tristan's earlobe. The sensations of Zander's fingers on his nipples, his teeth on his ear, and the somewhat painful erection he now had was driving Tristan nuts.

"Can you…c-can you…" Zander rolled his hips forward, and Tristan made a strangled noise in the back of his throat. "Ugh god, yeah that."

Zander moved his hands from his boyfriend's chest to the button on his jeans, slowly working on it as his lips wrapped around one of his nipples.

"A-ah…" Tristan knotted his fingers into his boyfriend's hair and pushed him closer to his chest. As Zander tongued Tristan's nipples, he finally got his pants undone and slipped his hand underneath the denim, rubbing Tristan and making a deep moan tear from his throat.

"That's what I like to hear," Zander said softly, kissing his boyfriend's chest before pulling away. His hands moved to pull off Tristan's jeans and discard them on the floor, leaving his boyfriend only in some black boxers. Zander outlined Tristan's erection with a finger, making him groan and thrust his hips up.

"Oh fuck, Zan. Quit fucking ar—ah!" The sentence died in Tristan's throat when Zander grabbed him, switching to rubbing. Tristan moaned and pushed his head back into the pillows, gripping at his sheet. Zander tugged off Tristan's boxers, tossing those somewhere behind him, leaving his boyfriend completely naked in front of him.

Nearly immediately, Zander wrapped his fist around his boyfriend and began pumping his shaft, leaning down and licking the head of his penis, tasting the pre-come there. His free hand rubbed his boyfriend's thigh, dangerously close to his balls but not touching them.

"Mmm, nngh, Zander…" Tristan sighed in bliss and thrust up a bit, loving the way Zander's tongue swirled around his tip.

"You sure know what I like to hear, don't you?" Zander said, as best he could, with his mouth still wrapped around his boyfriend's penis, the vocal vibrations sending Tristan over the edge.

He came into his boyfriend's mouth with a loud groan, his face twisted up in pleasure. Zander continued to pump his fist up and down his shaft as Tristan orgasmed, trying to get as much come out of him as he could.

Tristan panted as he came down from his high, catching his breath as Zander swallowed the come that Tristan had spilled into his mouth. "You really know how to please a man, huh?" Tristan said after he had finally gotten some air back into his lungs. He wanted to open his eyes and see his boyfriend's face, but he wasn't sure if he was allowed to yet.

"I know how to please my man." Tristan couldn't help but moan.

His boyfriend was so sexy.

"Can you please kiss me?"

"Sure. One sec." Tristan felt some movement on the bed and heard a zipper, and assumed that Zander was shedding his own clothes. After a moment, he felt his boyfriend's bare chest against his own, his lips on Tristan's as well. Tristan grinned into the kiss, threading his fingers into his boyfriend's hair and slipping his tongue into his mouth. Zander grinded his hips against Tristan's, making them both groan into the kiss.

Zander pulled back and Tristan whined, grabbing onto his boyfriend's wrists. "Don't go," he whispered. Zander laughed, and kissed his boyfriend again, slipping out of his grasp.

"Hey, there's more, you'll like it." Reluctantly, Tristan let his boyfriend go and felt him settle between his legs after pushing his thighs apart. Tristan heard the pop of a cap, and gasped when he felt his boyfriend's fingers probing at his hole, slowly pushing on inside.

"Oh fuck…a-ah! Shit…that hurts…" He gripped the sheets and groaned, in pain this time.

"You have to relax Casanova." Zander moved his finger a bit, and Tristan groaned again. "Have you never been on the bottom?"

"No…" Tristan moaned. Zander raised his eyebrows.

"Really? Never with…never with anyone else?"

"Always on top. With my ex-boyfriend and my ex-girlfriend." Zander's face fell—he had assumed that his boyfriend had been with other people before, but it still hurt for him to say it out loud. Tristan seemed to read his mind though. "Hey, I love you now. Don't worry about everyone else."

Zander smiled. "Alright. Hey, relax Casanova, relax. It'll feel good if you let it." Tristan tried, but Zander still couldn't add a second finger. Suddenly struck with an idea, Zander began to stroke his boyfriend again, making him moan and almost instantly relax.

"There you go," he said softly, adding a second finger and thrusting a bit. He continued to stroke his boyfriend as he thrust into him, successfully getting him to loosen up. "Are you ready?" Zander asked Tristan, taking off his boxers and pulling his fingers out. He popped open the cap of lube and covered his penis with it, making sure that he'd slide into his boyfriend easily.

"As ready as I'll ever be." Zander placed his tip at Tristan's hole, and stroked him a bit before pushing in.

"A-ah, ow. Holy fucking shit. Nngh…I never realized how big you were Zan."

"I'm not that big. You're just not used to this. I won't move yet, just get used to the feeling." They both laid there for a moment, Zander's chest pressed to his and his lips on Tristan's forehead.

Tristan had to admit—being on the bottom was a strange feeling. He always liked looking down at his significant other and having control. He was all for new things, but he wasn't sure how much he liked this yet.

He took a deep breath and rested his hands on his boyfriend's hips. "Alright babe, go." Grinning, Zander thrust into his boyfriend gently, making him moan. He felt Tristan starting to tense around him, and he stroked his penis, trying to get him to relax.

"Remember to relax," Zander whispered into his boyfriend's ear.

"I'm trying…ugh, fuck."

"Rock your hips with mine. I'm sure you feel better once we find that spot."

"What spo—oh fuck!" Tristan cried out when Zander hit his prostate for the first time, sending jolts of pleasure through his body. "Holy shit, do that again." Zander continued to thrust, his boyfriend rolling his hips to meet him, making Zander hit his spot nearly every time.

Tristan was moaning loudly, so loud that Zander had to glance towards the window to make sure that they weren't open, for fear that the neighbors might hear.

"Mmmm, you feel so good Tristan…"

"H-ah…a-ah…nngh…ugh god, shit. I'm gonna…" Tristan came with something close to a scream, spurting his seed onto his boyfriend's stomach as Zander released deep inside of him. They clung to each other as they rode out their orgasms, shaking and panting hard. When they finally caught their breath, Zander spoke up.

"How was being on the bottom?" Zander kissed his boyfriend quickly, nuzzling into the crook of his neck. Smiling, Tristan pressed a kiss to his neck.

"Better than I thought. But I'm going to be sore as hell tomorrow, I can already tell." Zander laughed.

"I could barely move the morning after you took me because my ass hurt so much."

"That sounds promising, thanks." Tristan said sarcastically, his hands sliding down to his boyfriend's ass and squeezing it.

"Anytime. Oh, one more thing." Zander shifted, pulling out of Tristan, who groaned in slight pain. He kept his eyes closed, now liking the element of surprise.

"What are you…ohh…" Tristan moaned when he felt Zander lower himself onto him, his knees pressing into Tristan's hips.

"Wow…ugh, shit, this feels amazing." Zander rolled his hips forward, moaning when Tristan's tip brushed against his prostate. "Meet my thrusts okay?"

And then he began to move.

Zander's hands gripped his boyfriend's hips, steadying himself as he bounced on Tristan's penis, occasionally rolling his hips. Tristan timed his thrusts so that he was shoving himself into Zander as he came down, hitting his deepest spot. If this wasn't the sexiest thing he had ever experienced…

"Zan, can I please look at you?" Zander moaned loudly.

"Fuck…go ahead…nngh…." Tristan opened his eyes and his breath was taken away at the beautiful and sexy boy riding him like there was no tomorrow. His face was twisted up in pleasure, though barely see-able because of his dark hair falling over it. He was biting his lip, his cheeks flushed, and he let out a whimper every time Tristan slammed into him.

"Shit…Zander, you're so hot…"

"I'm going to come all over you…ugh, fuck!" Zander screamed as he came, shooting his seed onto his boyfriend's chest and stomach. He felt Tristan pulsing inside him, and soon his boyfriend came as well, filling him with his come.

Zander sighed and climbed off of his boyfriend, wincing slightly as his boyfriend's limp penis slid out of him, a small string of come following. He collapsed next to Tristan, snuggling into his side.

"I hope you enjoyed your present," Zander said softly, grinning when Tristan wrapped his arms around him.

"The necklace or the fucking mind-blowing sex?" They both laughed.


"I thoroughly enjoyed both." Tristan leaned over and kissed Zander softly, his hand brushing across his cheek. "Thank you for making my birthday amazing, babe."

"You're welcome. Anytime Casanova."

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