I stepped on you,

I gave you false hope,

I left you for someone else,

I stabbed you in the back

I was hurt by a boy named Larry,

And when I cried you dried my tears

Then Larry turns around and changes his mind

And I forget all you did for me

I went to your house when I was sad,

And you helped to dry my tears

And then I stabbed you in the back

When he changed his mind

I told you I liked you,

But I liked him more,

So when he asked me out,

I kind of forgot you were there

You are one of my best friends,

And I messed it up,

But I hope that someday

It won't suck as much

I can't say I'm sorry enough

Is it good enough that I can't be happy

With my boyfriend around

Without feeling guilty about leaving you around

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

But its not gonna change

The fact that our friendship will never be the same