Rain from the Stars


Rusty's favourite movies are the ones he calls "so bad it's good". He likes to laugh at the sets and the bad actors trying to deliver their lines. Sometimes he'll make up stories: he'll say, this girl, she was a struggling actress from Tuscaloosa trying to make it big in Hollywood. Now she's a haggard woman living with the memory that she was once in a movie.

But these things make me sick. I feel all hollow inside. What if someone put their heart and soul into this movie? I mean, probably not, it was probably some grab for money that nobody cared about… but I can't stand the idea that someone might have, and here we are, sitting and laughing at it.

I like romantic comedies. Even the ones that are so stupid, they make me happy. I like Jennifer Aniston, I like her face. She seems really sad, and really happy. Rusty hates these movies but sometimes he'll sit with me and watch. I always get all cuddly, especially at the end when they get together.

I saw one movie when I was ten years old… I don't remember the title, we rented it from the video store. I stuck it in the VHS one night when my parents were out and it made me so happy. There was a beautiful woman who was so glamourous, who had this beautiful blonde hair. And there was a man who swore he'd never fall in love. He always looked really mean, until she melted his heart.

I remember it made me feel so happy, I put on my mom's dress and pretended Charlie, my dog, was my fiancé. I'm so embarrassed now. I've never told anybody this, so.