In suffocating silence that I've sunken in so deep,

old wounds reopen up, pouring, bleeding blood they seep.

Here light is the enemy, and darkness is a friend,

a gentle hand through twisted tunnels to guide you to the end.

Here I see nothing, but I do feel everything,

and I hear the voices of the departed – how they sing, oh how they sing!

I rise to the solemn symphony like a serpent to a charm,

and the demons do approach, but to me they wish no harm.

Looming ahead are the great gates, my freedom feels so near,

but evoked within a lost part of me – there is fright, there is fear…

This home I've dwelled in bleakness,

This home I've dwelled in gloom

What could possibly await me beyond those gates?

Surely my certain doom!

But still I press on, through swamp, and marsh, and waste,

running for the gates ahead, deteriorating, flesh falling from my face!

Trudging forward like a madman, and a madman I indeed,

oblivious to all pain, oblivious to how I bleed.

Gushing blood from eyes, and pouring blood from sores,

arms lost long behind me as I burst in through the doors!

I collapse there on the ground, awaiting sudden death,

but lifelessness does not find me, NO, I do not rest!

Now what is this I feel, beating in my chest!

Truly a heart this is, the heart of a living man!

This life, oh this life; surely death would not, could not understand!

I arise from the earth, I consist of neither flesh nor bone…

But of spirit

One spirit

Purely one spirit alone!

Here there is light, and darkness is no more.

The gates of death stand behind me as I turn my back upon that door!

Never to return to the dying painful gloom.

Never to return to the home I once knew as