Neko's Characters:

Erebus Foxclove - Nobleman

Denk - Thug Boss

Sayer Thornrope / Azure Foxclove - Main Character

Desyx Thornrope/Desyx Silverclaw - Main's younger brother, raised by Vulperians

Vertio Darkspire - Battle Mage From Granatos/ Unknown Dark Magic

Cyrill Civilchain - Blind doctor in Bevenheim

Flora Rivertree/Thornrope - Azure and Desyx's Mother

Adair Thornrope - Azure and Desyx's Father/ Blacksmith

Cervius Silverclaw - A young Vulperian, who is a professional thief and pickpocketer

Klia Silverclaw - Cervius's Mother and Caravan Elder

Rime Silverclaw - Klia's support/bodyguard

Gummi's Characters:

Banji - Thug follower

Sephria - Maid

Regren Verdance - Grace's Father/ Blacksmith

Grace Verdance - Fortuna's watch

Princess Fortuna Integra - Princess of Ellesmere

King Roland Integra - King of Ellesmere

King Phillip - King of Berahava

LeBlanc - Battle Mage From Granatos/ Destruction Magic


Battle Mage Orenthar: A legendary, fictional figure that young children believe in and learn through legends and bedtime stories. He could very possibly be a historical and real person. "Godfather" of Mages and "Founder" of Leylines



Enova - Planet

Voratia - Main Country:

Ellesmere - Capital of Voratia

Bevenheim - Poverty City

Merkar - A wealthy, busy, business-like city

Vertund River

Berahava - Country:

Terantine - Capital of Berahava

Granatos - Fallen Country to the Channelers (spanish-like influence)

Cordina - Capital of Granatos

Ignatia - Country:

Revver - Capital of Ignatia

Lordlandus - Country:

Brentin - Capital of Lorlandus



Vulperian - The Vulpe race, is a race of Fox-Humanoid beings. They have hair, fur, ears, a tail, paws for their feet and claws. Vulperians are quick, agile, crafty and stealthy. The majority of their race work within traveling, trading caravans. Bartering, Selling and Buying. Some are stationary merchants, while others move from city to city. A lot have a personal trade like crafts and jewelry making. Other Vulpes resort to theft and pickpocketing, using their natural stealth and agile speed ability to steal. As a whole, their race is not largely magically inclined. They have very little magical ability, which they end up using to enhance their natural abilities (like speed) or to enchant their handmade items that they sell. The race itself isn't very confrontational, they are quite peaceful, but if are angered they will get nasty and use their "darker side" by lying and manipulating those who cross them. Vulperians do not have "last names" instead they will take on their Tribe name as their last name, not everyone is related, but they will all share the same descending name. Different Tribes Include: Silverclaws, Sunfire, Flatfeet



Glimmer Fish - like rainbow fish that shimmer

Lunar Lotus - A magical infused flower that is white, lined with silver, expels glowing spores and only opens at night, absorbing the lunar light

Channelers - A cult that worships the Impure Stream, corrupting Leylines and making war upon the 5 great nations.

Leyline - living veins of magic that flow beneath the ground connected through the entire planet

Granacian - The Primary Language of the Country of Granatos

Granites - People from The Country of Granatos

Impure Stream - A series of Leylines corrupted by an unholy presence.

Purifiers - People who work to try and "purify" anyone that has come in contact with an Impure Stream and its influence

Enchanter - A specific study of magic a mage can choose. To enchant weapons and other objects to improve and enhance their ability

Summoner - A specific study of magic a mage can choose. To summon/conjure beings from other worlds or magical forces for support.

Battle Mage - A Mage who can wield great forces of magic, but also knows how to battle with weapons. These are mages that fight in military and wars, for the support of their country.

Grone - A hefty, hairy and meaty breed of Cattle

Tricard - A Traditional Vulperian Meal; Stew with fresh herbs, vegetables and shellfish

Caravan - A traveling group of merchants and traders of the Vulperian race, many Caravans compose a tribe

Tribe - Vulperian tribes of their descendants and family, some are stationary while others form Caravans, traveling and trading, making their living. The members of a Tribe take on its name as their own last name.

Mage Dust - Dust used to disable an enchantment placed on an object

Merrigold Gas - A gas used in Chemical warfare that would damage the senses, causing its victims to go semi-blind, till they are only able to see pure yellow, this will fade and then they lose all sight.


Words in Granacian:

Janema (zhă-neigh-mah) - Honorific for Grandmother

Yertona (Ur-Tone-Ah) - Pig-dog

Prregito (Pr-r-eh-Gee-Toe) - Bitch