Hello! This is my first attempt at... something. Please be gentle.

Freshman year of highschool.

This is the year that my life goes way downhill, isn't it?

Just dandy.

Well, enough of my sarcasm. I should probably make an attempt at pleasantries and introduce myself.

Hello, my name is Athena Havel. I am fifteen years young, I have shoulder length dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes, and a... slightly abnormally sized nose. I'm 5'5, and weigh 120lbs. Oh, and don't forget my small boobs! Er, well, my friends say I have uberly longs legs, and small hands. Size 7 feet.

Oh, did I mention I can read minds? And turn invisible? Oh, I didn't think so.

Well, that had the subtlety of a brick to the face, but it's too late now. So, there you have it. Basically my (natural) physical description. I would give you one about my personality, but isn't more fun just to figure it out yourself? I think so.

Anyway, on with the story.

So, I walk into the auditorium for freshman orientation, and I am already putting my earphones on. It blocks out the stream of quiet thoughts constantly playing through my head. Too much annoying noise, too many annoying people. So, I just pull the hood of my favorite dark purple jacket over my head and take a seat in the back. I wait for my friends to arrive, and survey the room.

Yes, I do have friends, if you were wondering. I'm not a complete freak.

So, as I await their arrival, I people watch. Two rows ahead of me, there is a girl with pigtails and braces. Five seats to my left, there is a boy in a camoflauge jacket and orange tennis shoes. All the way in the front row, there is a girl with bleach blonde hair and way too much lip-stick, as I can see it smudged on her overly white teeth from here.

I can already feel the cliques forming.

So as I block out the many thoughts of those around me, I close my eyes and just focus on the music. Suddenly, I feel a tap on my shoulder, I look up and see my one of my best-friends, Annie. I pull out my earphones and smile up at her.

"Hey! Well, go ahead and pop a squat." I say, patting the empty seat on my right.

"I think I'll do just that." Annie says, plopping down on the chair and brushing her long brown hair behind her shoulder.

We are quiet for a moment, then I break the silence.

"Don't be so nervous. It's just highschool. Oh, and that guy over there is thinking of asking you out." I say, responding to her unspoken thoughts.

For a split-second she looks surprised, but then her face relaxes. "I will never get used to that." She says, shaking her head fondly.

Yes, she knows all about my 'talents.' I had only told her a few years ago though, so I guess the idea was still surprising to her. For me, it was normal.

But what was normal, really?

Anyways, as Annie and I waited for the orientation to start, another friend of mine arrives. He walks over to us, and sits on my left, throwing his arm over my shoulders.

"Hey, Nina! I missed you!" He said, smiling a dazzling smile and flipping his long-ish brown curly hair. He always used his childhood nickname for me. Unless he was extremely angry or upset with me. Which was mostly, never. I still have no idea how he got Nina out of Athena. I guess they kinda sound the same.

"Really, Ace? You saw me last night. We live next door to each-other, for Pete's sake! Oh, and you totally looked like Harry Styles when you did that hair flipping thing." I say, smirking at him. His real name was Jeremy, but he never let anyone call him that.

"I am not Harry Styles! Jeez, you know I hate that!" He said, moodily removing his arm from my shoulder, crossing them across his chest, and pouting. It was true, with his long curly brown hair and blue-ish green eyes, he did strike a passing resemblance to the pop-star.

"Don't worry, you're still hotter." Annie teased.

"No shit, Sherlock." Ace said, smiling.

Oh, just one more thing. Ace knew of my 'talents' also. I mean, he was the very first friend my parents had allowed me to make. I told him my secret when we were five, and he has kept it to this very day.

I bet you're interested in my back story, right? I mean, everyone has one. It's just mine is a bit more unusual.

Well, I was born on October 20th, 1996, and the doctors knew nothing of my supernatural abilities. So, six months after I went home with my parents, they had a super freaking panic attack when they couldn't find their infant child anywhere. Five mintues later, I reappeared back in my crib, safe and sound. So, of course, my parents watched me very closely to see if their minds were playing tricks on them. But when on my first birthday, I disappeared again while blowing out my candles, they knew their child wasn't average. From that day on, they kept me in the house at almost all times, only letting me out in the backyard for an hour each day.

They taught me when I should and shouldn't disappear, and many other things of that nature.

When I was three, my mind reading abilities blossomed. When my parents discovered that I could now read the minds of anyone within a two-mile radius, they taught me more of their tedious do's and don'ts. One day, I met a little boy who lived next door to me, Ace, and we became fast friends. When we were five, I accidentally revealed my secret by disappearing in a game of hide-and-seek.

My parent's thought long and hard about what to do, but they just made him swear not to tell.

And he never has. He never even told his parents.

I was homeschooled for kindergarden and first grade, until I had my powers under control. Finally, in when I was seven, they let me go to public school for the first time. I met Annie, and in sixth grade I told her too.

Perfect, huh? Not quite.

You see, in the sixth grade... things went a bit sour.

The government found out about me. How? Oh, I read a police officer's mind once while my mom got pulled over.

I stayed at a government facility for about a week, before they let me go back to school and try an live a normal life. How did I get out? My parents pulled some strings.

Did I mention they're top FBI agents? No? Sorry about that. Kinda a crucial detail.

After my two only friends were interrogated, they had to swear by law they would never tell my secret or they would end up with the death penalty. They never told a soul. So, only me and my parents are allowed to release that kind of information.

Well, now the United States government wasn't after me, but that didn't mean that other countries didn't want to take advantage.

Yeah, I've been kidnapped twice by foreign countries. And almost kidnapped dozens of times. That's right, total badass status. So that's why there are three plainclothes agents posted at each entrance of this auditorium.

Both my friends, as it turned out, became quite protective of me. They had their school schedules fixed so they were both in all my classes. We spent most of our days in each-other's company. It was kinda annoying at times, but I was still grateful to even have friends, much less ones who cared!

Wow, my backstory is starting to sound completely fake. But I assure you, this is a true story.

"Alright, alright, settle down children!" A woman in a pantsuit with salt-and-pepper hair said, standing at a podium on the stage in the front of the room. "This year you will be expected to..."

Soon, I got bored of her monotone voice and boring topics of disscusion. I decided it was time I took my entertainment into my own hands.

I quickly glanced around the room, seeing who's mind I could focus on. Seeing no-one interesting, I decided that maybe disappearing and wandering around the room was my best option. It sounded fun, so I decided to try it.

"Ace!" I whispered, nudging him.

"What?" He whispered back, not looking away from the stage.

"I'm gonna go walk around for a bit. Tell Annie for me, would you?" I said, standing up.

"Is really such a good idea, Nina?" He said, now focusing on me. The use of my nick-name let me know he would let me go if I asked nicely.

"Please? I'm dying of boredom." I said, looking straight into his eyes.

"... Okay. Just tell one of the agents, alright?" He said, still looking a bit wary.

"Oh, thank you! I'll be back soon!" I said as I quickly checked the thoughts around me, and when no one was looking at me, I disappeared. "See you in a bit." I said, still invisible.

"Please be careful." He said quietly, before leaning over to Annie and telling her what I was up to.

I walked up to one of the agents, and quickly whispered in his ear that I was going to disappear for a bit and check for enemies.

"Alright. Be careful. If you're not visible in three minutes, I'm sending for SWAT team." He breathed, seemingly talking to thin air.

"Okay, be back soon!" I whispered and as I walked away, I saw him dial something on his pager.

Well, I've got officially three minutes to kill.

I walked up the isles, and listened for something interesting to tune into. I heard thoughts of parties, drugs, alcohol, you know, the usual highschool stuff. But then I heard something interesting.

'I wonder if that Athena girl is coming?'

I whipped my head around to see a completely gorgeous boy sitting on the isle seat, only about ten feet away from me. He had short blonde hair, and brown eyes, and was probably about 6 feet tall, and was wearing jeans and a red polo. He was spaced out, not paying much attention to the cute brunette girl at his side. Just my type. Suddenly, the woman at the podium said that there were some techical issues, and that we would have to wait a bit for the rest of the presentation. Well, it's time to go back to my friends, I guess. I started to turn, but then I heard...

'I really wanna talk to her... but she's always so closed off...'

Oh, was I closed off? No, I was just... not very social. But that's perfectly acceptable, right? And I don't wanna talk to normal people like him! They don't understand me ... right?

While I was going through this crisis, I could see Ace looking for me everywhere, and the panicked/anxious look on his face told me my three minutes were nearly up.

'Okay, if she shows up in the next minute, you will talk to her.'

As the blonde guy thought that, he immediately looked at the main entrance. Oh jeez, better go quick! I ran to the main entrance, stood behind a wall where no one could see me, and became visible again. I quickly fixed my hair and clothes, then casually walked out from behind my hiding place. I saw the relief on Ace's face, he worries too much I swear!, and the surprised look on the blonde boy's. I walked up the blonde boy's isle, trying to be discreet.

"Um... hello." I heard a nervous voice say.

I quickly turned around and saw that it was the him. Fabulous.

"Hi. I don't think we've met. I'm Athena, and you are?" I asked, holding out my hand.

He seemed a bit shocked by my straight-foward nature. "Daniel. But, you can call me Danny." He said, taking my outstretched hand and shaking it.

"Well, it's nice to meet you Danny. So, was there... something you wanted?" I asked, cocking my head to the side, cutely I might add.

"Oh, uhm, not really... it's just that I wanted to... say hi." He said, smiling sheepishly.

"Alrighty then. Hello! Well, if that's all you need, I have to get back to my friends." I said, giving him a small wave and turning.

"Wait! I was wondering if we had any classes together." He said, pulling out his schedule.

I turned and pulled mine from my jacket pocket, and we compared. Turns out we had Honors Algebra 1 together.


Is what he thought. But what he said was,

"Oh, we have one together. I'll see you there." as he headed back to his seat.

"Bye!" I waved, and smiled my thousand watt smile. Well, I guess Annie's gonna ask me all about this. Better hurry. So, I walk as quickly as possible to my seat between my friends, and plop down right inbetween them.

"Oh my gosh, who was that guy you were talking to? He was totally cute!" Annie gushed, leaning in to hear my 'details.'

"Yeah, who is he?" Ace said, looking suspiciously over at Danny.

"Oh, that's Danny. We have Honor's Algebra together." I said, smiling at the thought.

"Oh my goodness! Maybe they'll let you get a boyfriend this year!" Annie said, looking over at the agents around the entrances.

"I seriously doubt it." Me and Ace said at the same time, except his tone was a bit more... angry? than mine. I looked at him curiously, but he turned to face the stage once more. The woman stood at the podium, and fininshed her speech fifteen minutes later.

As me, Annie, and Ace all walked out of the auditorium together, I saw Danny give me a small wave from across the room, which I gladly returned.

There was a reason these were called the Golden Years. And I'm gonna find out why.

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