Light shines upon you face

Gently stoking your grace

Pillows surround your form

We lay here in my dorm

Watching you rest your eyes

But once you open them, it lights up my sky

You smile at me with love and care

I could stay by your side and stare

I feel so safe in your arms

You are my special charm

I let you rest but you notice my need

So instead of sleep you decide to feed

An inner want I don't say

An inner need to want to play

You try to push me to insanity

You touch and tease me till I get testy

It's your revenge for my behavior

But in the end you are still my savior

I breathe and try to control my urge

But the way you talk sends a surge

Through my body and into my soul

Your actions start to take a toll

So for now I accept what I feel

It's a feeling that feels surreal

After our game we return to our dreams

A world where things aren't what it seems

We wake back into each other's gaze

Which brings back our infernal blaze