I'm Rex and I'm a good boy

My name is Rex, and I'm a good boy... Or so my family say. I'm what they call a huntaway-laborador cross, but to me we're all the same and yet one in a million. Where can I start in this old dog's life? I suppose my first complete memory would suffice.

I remember the breeze rolling in from the car window. Were I but a bit bigger I could stick my head out and lap at the lusciousness of the cooling air, but I was just a pup. My eyes still adjusting to the wonders of this new world. I remember on that first car trip warm comforting hands gripped me gently. I don't recall my mother but I'm sure that's what her kisses were like. Gentle and comforting. I snuggled myself into that embrace wanting nothing more from the world... except maybe to reach the window and gulp in the fresh air, but I knew that my day would come.

The car ride didn't seem long but then again I did slip in and out of consciousness. Those tender hands held me so close I probably fall asleep for most of the journey. The end of the trip was most clear in my memory. The hum of the engine stopped, a click from the front seat resonated, and my human dad turned around to face me and my human sister. He smiled a line of clean white teeth.

"We're home darling. Lets see how little Rex likes his new home," he said softly. I gave off an involuntary squeal as I noticed my human mum lean over from her seat in the front to kiss dad on the cheek. All I felt around me was happiness and beaming smiles. I was in a nice place. I was content.

Skip forward several days or weeks. I'm not sure to be honest. Time is a wave I cannot comprehend and never want to. I had managed to train myself in the usage of legs. My legs. Put one in front of the other and then the back one then front. At first I stumbled and whined in frustration. Humans have it easy having only to use two. Try coordinating four at a time now thats a challenge. None-the-less I bested it. A feat at the time I was most proud of. I showed off by strutting and running around my new domain.

It was a beautiful place. The front door led through a patio which led into the kitchen. Next to the kitchen was the lounge. A corridor connected to the lounge, and to that, bedrooms. I loved my sister's room the best. It smelled nice and always had cushions and blankets to snuggle into. Admittedly it also had what I call chew toys... Though sis didn't agree with me on that. Sometimes we'd play tug of war with a red head doll she called Lucy. I wasn't very popular with her when that happened... but she was still my sister and I loved her no matter what.

I also got introduced to my human brother Mark. He wasn't exactly pleasant in the beginning. He found great pleasure in pulling my ears in odd directions and picking me up in strange uncomfortable ways. I secretly liked it when sis would come to my rescue and growl him for being a bad boy. Sometimes he was really nice in those early years. He'd always want to feed me treats and throw this small bouncing ball thing. I took great delight in the chase, though often found myself collapsing on the floor from exhaustion several minutes later.

Mum and Dad were often away during the mornings and most of the afternoons. But in the early morning and late afternoon they'd put down my special bowl and top it up with something delicious. I'd be lying if I said those weren't one of my favourite parts of the day. My sis Charlie and brother Mark also disappeared during the day. Something about school. I'd watch from the window as they boarded the large yellow bus. It always made me uneasy seeing them disappear behind the closing yellow doors.

This left me by myself for most of the days. At first I whined and cried thinking my new lovely family had abandoned me. I hated to be alone and chasing the bouncy ball just didn't have the same appeal by myself. So I tried to content myself sitting on the lounge couch. It'd be more accurate to say I sulked than found any form of contentment. Every now and then I'd relieve myself somewhere in the corner of the lounge thinking my new family wouldn't mind if I did my business out of sight and out of mind... but they somehow always knew when they got home. They'd generally give disgusted expressions and start groaning. I found placing my usually wagging tail between my legs while staring up with enlarged eyes got me out of trouble most times. Though in the end I did realise why they got upset everytime. And thus I was slowly introduced to the great outdoors... of my domain. Our garden seemed massive. It had scents of every different kinds. Bugs flew and crawled here and there. Small winged birds chirped enthausiatically to themselves and the wind. And the cat... The feline creature that was too posh for its own good.

The first time I met the cat was a particular time I had been put outside to do my business. On my usual routine of inspecting smells and which bush I wanted to claim that day, an obnoxious voice disturbed me from above. Looking up I spotted the tammy. Perched on the boundary fence, it stared loathsomely at me. I already sensed its dissatisfaction with me but being as oblivious as I was I approached with a wagging tail and lolling tongue.

I remember vividly after jumped up and placing my forepaws on the fence, the cat's reaction. Its fine hairs stood up on end and its mouth gaped open. What it released from its mouth was one of the most terrifing sounds I've to this day heard. It was an aggrevated hiss. After that first encounter, I tucked my stilled tail between my legs and bolted back to the safety of my family... not noticing I was relieving myself on the way.

So ends the first part of a dog's biography. Tune in next time for the next part.