My Mum

After my intimidating meeting with the cat it took alot of convincing to get me back outside in days to come. Fortunately those few times I did not encounter the hissing vile thing. Slowly I regained confidence in my domain and got to know my wonderful family a bit more. Mum usually fed me while Dad kissed her goodbye and disappeared out the front door in the mornings. Charlie often helped in the preparations in the late afternoons. If I'm honest I didn't mind who got my food ready as long as it was there ready for the eating.

One morning I noticed a small change in our usual rituals. Dad had to go to work early that day. I was up early enough to see him give mum a kiss on the cheek before carrying on his way. My brother and sis did their usual thing eating toast or cereal in the mornings. Mark sometimes slipping me the crust of his vegemite toast. After that they disappeared into that dreadful bus. The strange thing was mum stayed home... most of the day. Out of curiousity I followed her everywhere, being extremely glad of the company.

She often stayed on her and dad's bed. The next odd thing happened... she patted a nice large empty spot next to her, almost as if she was inviting me onto that forbidden bed. I had never been allowed on it before. I grew cautious and sniffed the area. Surely mother wouldn't trick me. Of course she wasn't. In the end she was just as glad of the company as I was. I jumped on the spot next to her and thoroughly enjoyed the patting.

"Why am I feeling so unwell Rexy? I got my flu shot two weeks ago," she whispered and she stroked my black fur. I turned my head to face her. She gave a minute giggle and smiled.

"Oh Rex, you are so cute sometimes." I tilted my head to this. Before she could complete another stroke down my back, she suddenly jumped off the bed covering her mouth with her hand. I gave a bark of surprised and followed her. Perhaps she heard the mailman I had thought. He was always worthy of that kind of attention.

Oddly enough she didn't go to the front door like I had expected. Rather she dashed into the bathroom and started kneeling infront of the toilet. She let out some rather horrible noises and she brought up her breakfast. It alarmed me seeing mum looking so unwell as well as throwing up. Perhaps she ate too much grass I thought. None the less I stayed by her side for the duration of her time in the bathroom. Once she was done she very slowly emerged looking shaky and weak. I couldn't contain a whimper as she staggered back to bed. As she tucked herself under the blankets, she turned her head to face my worried panting.

"Oh Rexy, come here," she whispered weakly. At the same time she lifted up the blankets and gestured I join her in the warmth of the blanket and bed. Perhaps if I wasn't so worried I'd have enjoyed the company and snuggliness of it all.

I stayed with her for several hours often falling in and out of sleep. I stirred eventually at her waking movements. Very slowly she got up and trudged out of the room. Her face looked a shade of green and she smelled ill. It was not reassuring in the slightest. I followed her to the front door and whined loudly as she stepped out without me. I didn't want her out there without me to look out for her. I must have barked non-stop for hours. well it was more like twenty minutes but my worried made that time period stretch on to forever. I paced in the lounge anxiously until I heard the sweetest sound in the world. A key turning in the front door's lock. I leapt to meet mum as she entered. She still looked unwell but this time she held one white plastic bag. My experience had taught me that those white bags were where food miraculously came from. Though this time the plastic bag did not have any interesting smells. Still mum carried it carefully to bathroom. I tried to follow her but this time she closed the door. I sat patiently for what seemed a long while. I was just about to bark to see if she was alright when she suddenly emerged looking happier than I had ever seen her.

In her pale hands was a small stick-like object, though it was no where near the acceptable chasing size. Mum stared at it and then at me with a beaming white smile. Her aura of worry and nervousness had vanished and was replaced with happiness and joy. Somehow this relaxed me as I looked up at her.

"Rex! I'm pregnant!" she cried out joyously and kneeled down to embrace me.