shylanala ( for you...)

You're addicted,

You say it makes you happy,

You say it keeps you sane,

I must tell you- your excuse is lame!

When your on the drugs your so hard to tame.

You can't remember anything, not even your own name.

This is so far from being sane.

You've got yourself to blame.

"I'm better now" ; thats what you claim.

You're putting your name to shame.

People around you have their issues,

Don't blame yourself.

It doesn't matter what they say,

It's not your fault.

Don't lock your feelings up inside a vault.

Don't look to the drugs,

They'll only make you worse,

Make the right choice.

I know you can do it!

It's your choice...

Are you giving up the fight?

Don't put your name to shame.

In the end you've got no one but yourself to blame!

Don't lose yourself to this addiction.

In the could mean your conviction.