Butterfly Fly

Butterfly fly

To a place in the sky

A place where the birds sing and dance

And you can be free at last

Free from the pain of the life you have been living

Free from the pain that life has been giving

Butterfly fly

It's time to fly away

There's nothing left to say

I shall miss you

But there's nothing I can do

Now that you're gone

I feel so awfully alone

But it's time for you to go

You'll always be a part of me

Butterfly fly


This poem was based on my story 'Butterfly' on Fanfiction. It's not finished yet, but I hope to finish it this year. Go check it out if you want. You might need tissues though. The story (and the poem I guess), is based on the song 'Butterfly' by Take That. It's such a beautiful song.

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