In his dream, she had come to him. He always had hard time breathing at the sight of her lush form. Her beauty, it was given. Tall, slender form that seemed to fit his sturdy six-foot-two glory perfectly, long chestnut hair framed her smooth creamy complexion, full lips appear soft and delicate- all but her eyes that truly fascinated him. When she looked into his blue eyes, it left the sense of having his entire soul bared. She had the ability to see far deeper than he could ever decipher.

In his dream, she was kissing him- playful kisses on his nose and lips sent those wacky butterflies back, wreaking havoc in his stomach. He willingly pulled her to him and kissed her back, passionately. She tasted so good, he wanted more. He shifted his weight so she was lying beneath him, her bare skin glowing in the warm dim light, the sweetness of her body moved with his. Until the mist had risen and swirled before him, he felt his own body grew light and wispy and an eerie feeling loomed over him-

And his eyes flew open. The barest sunlight streamed through the window and across his bedcovers, throwing the room into yellowish glow. Sitting up, he rubbed his eyes- and when his sleep-muddled mind finally ceased and clear vision kicked in, a pleasant image came to life.

She was standing beside his bed. Roses of light streamed through the window, casting her silhouette on his bedcovers, making her appear palpable, tangible and so real. He took in her presence, she wore her long hair down draping past her elbows- just the way he liked it, her milky white skin stood stark against the simple white cotton sundress- which clung to her knees and pulled snug beneath her breasts, the neck just didn't show much amount of cleavage and it only left more to his imagination.

"How are you feeling?" she asked, breaking into his thoughts.

His tongue couldn't form words at the moment- not only because he was ogling her, but there was this uncomfortable clog in his throat and his nose was slightest bit blocked from mucus. Three days had passed and he hadn't fully recovered from flu yet.

"I feel a little bit better when you're here," he tried to sniff, causing him to let out an embarrassing honking sound of a stuffy nose.

Her hand flew to her mouth to smother her giggles, she thought he was absolutely adorable being little Mr. Stuffy Nose.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like a pig," he said sheepishly, rubbing his nose vigorously until it turned red.

"Yeah, that was really some wheeze," she said sarcastically in a way that always intrigued him.

"I know. It's pathetic," he chuckled and rested his back on the headboard.

"Hey, I brought you a chicken soup," she patted a small basket and put it on his bedside table.

"Thanks, beautiful," he smiled to her, he thought she was the best girlfriend ever.

She plopped down beside him on his bed and scooted just a little bit to face him. Now that she was within a close proximity, he kept his eyes trained on hers, not wanting to miss every outline of her lovely face, her eyes, her nose, her lips, then to her throat and down to her chest- he sucked in a sharp breath as the thought of what lain beneath the soft cotton fabric resurfaced. When they travelled back to her face again, he noticed a flash of emotion crossed her features and she lifted a hand pushed her fingers through his dark blond hair that fell over his brow. She pasted a palm on his forehead, testing the temperature of his body. He thought the feel of her skin on his sent his whole body on fire. He wanted nothing but to lean into her touch and almost protested at the sudden loss of contact- before her hand rested on his cheek.

"You're still burning up. It's straight to bed for you again, big boy," she teased him, her hazel eyes sparkled when she smiled.

But her confident humor seemed to vanish as she met his hard gaze. A ravenous glint lighting his blue eyes- those intense and deliciously dreamy look from him made her swallow hard. He reached up, lifted her hand which was on his cheek just few seconds ago, hard knobs on his fingertips traced the length of each finger, caressing her hand. He kissed her fingers, nuzzling on the sensitive nude skin of her inner wrist- he swore he could smell her sweet flowery scent lingering there, it would be heavenly if it wasn't the cold.

He brushed his lips across the soft skin there, gently tasting it with the tip of his tongue- tickling her, all at once a tingling sensation rushed through her body. The corner of his mouth curved to a slow, teasing smile. The look of his beloved- the way she took in a breath turned his eyes a smoky, tumultuous blue-gray. Before she could still anything, he swept her into his strong arms and pulled her into his lap. The swift movement caused her dress to hike up past her thigh, his gaze clapped onto that exposed creamy skin between her hip and knees before she straightened the dress out.

Heat crept up her neck when he cradled her to his chest- his bare chest. He had nothing on except for a pair of black boxers. Even her cotton sundress wasn't helping- it was painfully thin she could feel the muscles of his arm on her back and the heat radiating from his body. His body felt so warm and comforting she wanted nothing but to snuggle to him.

"Wh…what are you doing?" she wanted to know, her voice seemed to betray her mind.

"I just want to hold you," he whispered, planting a soft kiss on her forehead and cheek.

Lifting her hand, he placed it on his chest. Exhilaration pumped through him when she shyly traced her fingers on his heated skin, reveled every muscle etched there. His skin felt good everywhere she touched, stroked, and when she trailed down to his stomach, grazing the series of rocky ridges placed there, he let out a gasp- a tinge of pleasure shot through his body.

His one hand held her tightly around the waist and the other skimmed her bare arm, feeling the smooth delicate skin, then slowly travelled over her thigh, up her hip and her stomach- nothing between their skins except her thin cotton fabric, even so, she could still feel the warmth of his touch. His groin tightened as his hand eased over her breasts, putting a gentle pressure on one side causing them to perk up- it made her insides quivered uncontrollably. She wanted him. It wasn't long until her hands snaked around his neck and pulled him closer, her fingertips grazed his cheek and his lips, testing his patience. He took in her soft delicate lips that slightly parted- coaxing, inviting. He leaned and brushed his lips across hers and lingered there, just before the pressure started to build. She didn't even budge an inch from his mouth even when he had cold.

Reality smacked him upside the head. For a brief moment, he stopped and stared at her- those mesmerizing golden-flecked eyes of hers turned dark.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it," he said, his breathing became labored. "These fucking germs won't give us a break. Maybe I should stop before I get this annoying virus teaming inside you. But I just can't control myself…I want you so bad, baby."

She smiled weakly and cupped his face, pressing her lips to his. "Me too. Maybe I don't want you to stop," she whispered to his mouth, then took a small playful bite on his bottom lip. "It won't be such a bad idea having a handsome doctor taking care of me when I'm sick."

He smiled. "I like that," he mumbled before his lips touched hers, again.

This time, he hadn't been dreaming of kissing her, he was fully awake. Their mouths moved together with occasional nip of the lip. And that kisses he was doing, making her feel warm, fuzzy inside and protected. Just like then, his hands moved- and with nothing but instinct of motion, she was sinking as he lowered her down to the softness of his bed. He laid her back, his arms bracing her weight and continued caressing her mouth with his, with a gentle sucking of each corner of her lips, a slow drag of his hot tongue across hers and with each sensual movement, his mouth trailed to kiss and taste the delicious skin below her ear and down her neck.

She sighed and wriggled beneath his weight, her skin felt hot and her body shook from the pleasant sensation he gave her. Each breath grew deeper and her throat moved with small swallowing motion. Her fingers came to tangle in his razor-cut hair and she tugged him back to her mouth and moved beneath his, and when she met her tongue with his, they tasted each other. She let out a small whimper when he pulled back. The blue depth if his gaze smoldered as he stared at her, one free hand skimmed down her dress, over her ribs, her hip and her thigh- the softness of her body beneath the thin fabric made him yearn to touch and taste her bare skin.

He wanted nothing but to crawl inside her skin.

He toyed with the small button on the front of her dress- down her chest. He looked at her and she gave him an assuring smile- green card for him. He undid few small buttons, his eyes grew dark when he eased some of the materials away, gazing down at the exposed part that he knew would take away the thing driving him crazy. With slowness, he traced his fingertips across the lace material of her bra, just at the swell of her breasts before replacing it with his mouth. Her breathing came hard- almost in the state of hyperventilating, she tried to slow it down but her chest rose and fell in erratic rhythm and she knew he could feel it. He dragged his lips across her cleavage, up to her collarbone- he tugged at her sleeve, exposing more shoulders and tasted her skin there with his tongue.

He felt her body tense beneath him, she was struggling to still herself and he stopped just a moment to let her breathe. Desire and emotions soared through him as he stared down at his beloved. She was so beautiful- her long chestnut hair spread like a fan across his pillow, her kiss-swollen lips, the pink love glow on her cheeks, those hypnotic brownish-yellow orbs rimmed by thick dark lashes, the warmth of her skin and the softness of her body, he just wanted to take off that dress so he could feel her more- skin to skin.

Unable to stop himself, he grasped the cloth of her dress and pulled until the hem rose high enough for him to see and feel the skin of her thigh. His groin stirred as he skimmed the soft heated flesh there, then slipped his fingertips over the silk of her panties. She let out a gasp and he covered her mouth with his, swallowing her convulsive intake of breath. Gently, he nipped her bottom lip with his teeth before he drew in his tongue inside her mouth. And while his mouth was working on the magic, his hand rose to the tender skin of her flat stomach, brushing her breasts. She could feel something arching to her as he lay overtop her completely...

The door slammed open and someone barged in, "Hey, bro, did you see my…OH MY GOD!"

It was his brother, that asshole.

"Shit," he tugged the covers to her. "Ralph! What are you doing barging in to my room?!"

"I'm sorry! I didn't…Oh! Wow!" his brother couldn't stop laughing.

"Get out, man! Out!" he leaped out of bed and his brother immediately rushed out of the room in a dash of speed, he could still hear his laughter echoed in the long lined hallway.

He secured the lock on the door, muttering a curse under his breath. He would deal with his jackass brother later. Right now, he just wanted to spend some time with his girlfriend. He went back to her on his bed. She still had her whole self hidden underneath his covering, he lifted it and eased himself beside her, stroking her hair.

"That was embarrassing," her voice muffled through the thick blanket.

"Don't worry," he draped an arm over her and pulled her closer. "He won't bother us anymore," he whispered, kissing the soft skin below her earlobe.

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