I'll spread my wings to call on night,
Leap into the sky and take flight,
But in these long hours that I have waited
This starvation won't be satiated.

This hunger won't be satisfied
And forms a wound open and wide,
Open and bleeding sorrow,
For I have fallen in love with Tomorrow.

Your soft pure light and warming breath,
Thaws away this wintry death,
That creeps pronouncedly upon me
Under this deep and frozen night sea

As the sky is but the water below
While I will wait for you to show
And wait and wait for your slumber to end
And wait and wait for the sun to ascend/

So that when you finally awake
This loneliness I might forsake
In that short moment or two
When I can stand beside you

With outstretched arms, brushing fingertips,
And blushing smiles with waiting lips.
Love known through only power
As words are too short in Dawn's hour.

I wish I could drown away or carve out
This sin and blackness thick throughout
My soul. Yet Night will burn away
In the presence of tomorrow's Day.

Wrap me in your arms, say goodbye.
But when I'm gone, please don't cry.
Forget me for this day and smile,
I'll return again in a while.

When darkness falls I'll light the skies
With stars to banish nightmares that rise.
I'll protect you with these wings of my own,
I'm waiting, so don't ever feel alone.

AN: I put this on my deviantart account a while ago, and its really not the best I've written but I don't really have much time to edit it more...mabye one day I'll pick through it and sort it out :)