This is a simple game.

Just a round of Stratego.

Find their flag, while they try the same.

Watch out for those bombs though,

They'll stop you dead in your tracks, back to square one.

Only a three can take it out and live to tell the tale.

Risky they are, but not as dangerous as the spy.

Tasked as he who kills a ten, you are given only one.

With your ten down, kiss your advantage goodbye.

Go Forth,

And figure them out before they do on you.

But don't be lead to a bomb unprepared to question what you know.

And if they are to advance on you,

Keep them clueless, and their options narrow.

Drop your bombs on the sevens and eights.

And go on, a flag awaits.

Capture their flag, and hoist yours high.

For you just won a game that honors the sly.

How about a game of Stratego?

The battlefield, our minds.