The forest is bright.
The wind rushes through the trees.
The leaves sway softly.

Bright, sodden soil.
I tread lightly over it.
It slightly crunches.

Smelling the sweet air,
I wander through the forest.
I now see the lake.

The reeds in water,
surrounded by the dense shrubs
of the thick forest.

I hear the bird sing.
The sweet melody of joy,
and serenity.

The lake ripples, soft,
lovely waves of great beauty.
I lay by the bank.

A lovely song-bird.
It has landed beside me.
It sings of sweet fruit.

I stare at the sky.
The fluffy white clouds brush past,
the rays of the sun.

The wind blowing past,
and the woody smell of trees,
gently lets me sleep.

~ Shilo Burbans