Exploding pain was what welcomed Naomi when she opened her eyes. The bright light blinded her and the loud noises in the computer next to her made the bounding behind her eyes worse and she was certain that the bruise on the side of her face was now swollen.

She would've lifted her arms to her head, but found she couldn't move. Padded restraints kept her from moving anything but her head. But when she tried to do that, she was overcome with even more pain and nausea.

"I apologize for the behavior of my guards."

She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the abusive doctor that'd dragged her here. Fulton had been the doctor that kept insisting that she be experimented on, only to be stopped by her father. . Now that he was gone there was nothing to keep her protected. She had a feeling that she'd be paying for a lot of what her father did to the others here.

When she didn't respond, he took out a penlight and shined it in her eyes, "When I said I didn't mind them roughing you up a bit to keep you behaved, I didn't expect them to belt you in the face. I won't do wonders for the testing if you're barely coherent.

It took everything she had not to scoff at that. Testing. How amusing it was to watch him water down what he was planning on doing to her. Torture would've been more appropriate, so would experimentation, psychological abuse, mental abuse….

"Well," he pulled out a syringe, "Let's see what triggers your ability, shall we?"

She just watched him while trying to keep a blank face. What was the point of threatening him if she didn't have anything to threaten him with? Instead, she just memorized his face, she didn't know if she trusted Starkson or not, but for some reason she believed that her brother was going to be coming for her. He hadn't abandoned her. He wouldn't. And that meant that she was going to have to memorize everything about this man's face because as soon as she was out then she was going to kill him.