Kyrie kept her mouth and nose in the crook of her elbow as she stumbled through the rubble and looked for anyone familiar. She didn't even know what she was doing here, her ability couldn't really help, and she had no knowledge of what to do in this type of a situation. There wasn't exactly a seminar on what to do if the Facility exploded and you were defected.

An image flashed in her mind and she turned around just in time to see Dale, the man that she and Frederic had exposed as Bernard Harving's mole approaching her with a gun in his hand. She stepped back and looked for a way out and when she saw a path through the rubble, she took off towards it. Dale immediately pursued and she saw what would happen before it do. However, there was nothing she could do. She slipped under loose rocks and rolled back down to the ground.

Dale cornered her, raised his gun and pulled back on the trigger release.

"Who has the upper hand now, Kyrie?"

Able appeared behind him and put his own gun against Dale's head, "I do."

He fired and Kyrie felt her stomach shift at the consequences of the shot.

Able pulled her up, "You hurt?"

"No…that was your best comeback? 'I do'?"

"What? Too cheesy?"

"A bit."

What Lisa had seen in Clarke's mind was happening and there was nothing Joseph could do to stop it. Maybe in some way, he'd driven Naomi to take this path. They were right… all of them. Their destinies were already written and no matter how much he tried to avert it, it'd still happen.

So what now? Did he just give up? Or did he fight to get her back? Either way, he'd only get her back when it was time to get her back He didn't know if that was supposed to be hours or years from now, so what was the point?

The point was that he was her brother and he needed to at least try and save her. He'd gone this far to save her, and if he was destined to fight Bernard Harving anyway, then he might as well get some practice shots in.

"Joseph?" He looked up to see Kyrie, Able, and Lisa all walking up to him. No sign of his father, no sign of Jane. He sucked at being a leader; if it wasn't important at the moment then he'd give it up altogether.

"Bernard has Naomi," he said blankly, "Jane's dead, dad's…Kyrie, where's dad?"

"I don't know," she whispered, color drained from her face.

He was most likely dead too. Despite the fact that he was helping them, Joseph was too tired and too numb to feel anything. The crash for him, for Naomi, for Jane…that would all come later

"So," Able started, "What do we do now?"

Joseph stood and grabbed his gun, "Let's go get my sister."

Frederic gripped the edge of the burned facility railing, the ground creaked under his feet and the burns were cool to the touch so they'd happened a while back, "What is this?"

Trinidad wiped the dirty window with his sleeve, "This is the year 2022."

Frederic looked out the window and saw the several columns of smoke in the North, in the direction of a city that most Facility members used for their home.

"Your daughter did that two days ago. You know how parents tell their children to change the world? Well, Naomi takes that and runs with it."

"She wouldn't do this."

"She will"


"We turn your daughter into a weapon against Bernard Harving. She burns the world down."

The End