He heard the sound of sirens before he actually saw them. He felt the life drain out of him before he actually died. And he heard the sound of his little brothers heart beat before he realized that he was dead.

The day was in early 2010. The sun was up and shining, but there was a chill in the air, as usual in the small beach town that Triton had grown up in. There were flecks of green popping up on the leaves on the trees, hinting that spring was quickly approaching. Triton had gotten home from school and went straight to his new girlfriend's house. Her name was Lane and at the time, she'd ment the world to him. She was his first girlfriend of many.

Some people would describe Triton as being striking in a way that was his own. He had jet black hair and large blue eyes that reminded others of a baby.

Anyway, once he'd gotten home from Lane's, he'd gone straight up to his room to ignore the usual jibber jabber that occured whenever he got home from anywhere." How was your day?", "Triton, it was your turn to do the dishes!","You weren't at Lane's house were you?"

Triton came from a rather large family of eight. Two happily married parents who he called by their first names- Marianne and Harry-, an older sister- Julianne-, an older brother- Zac-, two younger twin sisters- Georgia and Nichola-, and a little brother- Charlie. Julianne was 18, Zac was 17, Georgia and Nichola ;10, and Charlie was 4.

Then there was him. Triton was 14. And little did he know that while he was lcoked up in his room with his ear-buds blasting Lil' Wayne, that downstairs, his little brother, mother, and Julianne were dead on the floor. But when he heard Zac screaming for him, Triton jumped. Since everyone always screamed at him, he'd written off Zac's yelling for him as him getting in trouble and ignored it. Until he heard a gun shot. Triton ran downstairs, shirtless and in his navy blue flannel pajama bottoms, he walked through Juliannes blood. Her body lied at the bottom of the stairs, her wound not apparent at first until he saw the large, gruesome gash in her throat. It didn't look at all like what it did in movies. In real life these things didn't happen. And in movies, you couldn't smell the blood. Maybe that's how it was different. Because it was happening to him.

Seeing Julianne didn't hit him nearly as hard as all the other bodies. Maybe because of the shock of it all. But when he saw the body of four-year-old little Charlie, Triton began to shake uncontollably. Charlie lay on the kitchen floor, a cookie still clutched in his small, dead fingers. This isn't happening, this isn't happening, this isn't happening.

That was all he could think. But then, for some unknown reason, Triton started thinking, The floor is a mess. I have to clean it up.

So, in his blue, plaid pajama bottoms, Triton began to wipe Charlie's blood off the floor with his hands. Some part of Triton told himself that he should not be touching his little brothers blood. That he should be calling the cops or yelling for help. But as he tried to force his legs to move, the shaking would start up again and he couldn't move hus legs. They felt like tingling led weights. Almost like his leg was asleep but so completely different too.

So he kept mopping up the blood until it was away from Charlie's body. Then he moved on to the living room. Legs shaking again, he encountered the rest of his family's corpses. Dad on the couch, blood seeping from somewhere under his shirt. Nichola's feet were on Dad's lap, where Triton guessed he was tickling her feet. Mom was in the middle of the room. No wounds were visible on her, so he guessed that she'd been strangled to death. Thinking that in his mind was... indescribable. His mother was strangled. She was no longer living, nor would she ever live again.

And the last he saw was Zac. The dining room, which was connected to the living room by a rather large archway, looked as it always had if you didn't see Zac's motionless body. His, perhaps was the bloodiest of all. Triton didn't know the cause of his death, and never would in the future. Triton didn't know why exactly he didn't want to know what killed his brother. Maybe it was because Zac was strong and wouldn't want him to know. Maybe it was one less night horror to wake up screaming to.

After that, Triton went back to the kitchen. Why, he didn't know until he got there.

He'd come back for Charlie.

Triton carried the corpse of his brother out onto the street. He heard sirens in the distance, which gave Triton great relief. He told himself, They can fix this. It's impossible that my family is gone. Impossible.


And it was impossible for something. To bring the life back into his brother. Little Charlie, who half-an-hour before sat at the kitchen table drawing a picture of the sky. Charlie who didn't even know how to read yet would never learn. Thinking that broke Triton's heart.

As the paramedics confirmed his death, Triton pushed them out of the way and they tried to keep him back, but were unable to. Triton leaned over the body and began to scream.