Two weeks later...

The Hospital:

He didn't know why he stayed, but he did. He didn't know why he didn't eat, but he didn't. And he didn't know why he couldn't stop staring at her, but he couldn't.

Today, they were releasing him from the hospital and for some reason, he desperately didn't want to leave this place. He felt safe and as if it protected him from the world of pain he would experience outside of it. No one judged him here and he found staring at the patient from across the hall very... interesting, though he couldn't explain it.

The girl stared at him as he did to her, an unblinking and unwavering steady gaze that just refused to give in. She was persistent and seemed to share the interest of staring through her blinds at him. She looked comfortable, which led him to believe that she'd been there for a while. He wasn't comfortable here, but this place held no sentiment to him. It was just an old brick building on route 3 that people like him had to go sometimes. That was all. He could just fade out of existence here...

A muffled banging sound snapped him out of his reverie. He blinked and immediately, his eyes found the girl's. She just looked at him, but the slight movement of her body let him know that she was the one making the noise. Thump.

The doctor came back into the room, but not before he went into the girl's room and calmly told her to stop kicking the wall. And she looked at him. And he




When the doctor came into Tritons room, Triton looked at him too. He saw nothing special. Just another face. What was the girl looking at? If it was anyone else acting so strangely, Triton would've just thought them insane, but the girl across the hall was different.

"... so it looks like your free to go!" the doctor was saying.

Triton tilted his head and looked at the man's name tag. It read Doctor Murphy. And he tilted his head even further to look into Doctor Murphy's eyes. "I have nowhere to go."

"Well, legally, you are going to now live with your aunt." There was a knock at the door before his obnoxious and totally self centered Aunt Louise entered the room without waiting for a reply. "Speaking of which..."

"Oh, Triton honey, I am soooo sorry!" she said, tears threatening to leave her awkward little eyes. He looked away, no longer listening to her rant.

And he stared at her then like she'd stared at him. Still, nothing clicked that was special. Not that he minded staring at her. In fact, it was quite fascinating. The way her strawberry blonde hair curved along her sharp jaw line, drawing attention to her long neck and…

He looked away quickly. The cumulus of feelings he'd kept bottled up shuddered. Or rather he shuddered. But he felt it from within him first, before it became a physical thing. And it kind of scared him.

"… have the room set up for you and everything. All of your stuff has been moved to the house already"

"But I don't want to move."

She stopped and looked at him. "But honey, that house will bring nothing but bad memories to you and the rest of us. I think it's for the best."

But it wasn't. Or at least it didn't feel like it. What felt like the best at the moment was sitting there and staring at the cute little number across the hall from him.

He looked. And she was already looking. He didn't know what to do so he just waved ungainly. She smiled at that. Probably because when he found things awkward, he tended to get an incredulous look on his face. At least that was what he'd been told. Triton couldn't help but smile back.

The old Triton, who existed not long ago, would've already been up and making a move on her, but the new Triton just stared. She didn't seem to mind returning the favor.