Rum and Cigarettes

The smell of rum and cigarettes,

Filled the bar where we first met.

You crossed the room to ask my name.

And we began our little game.


We went out on our first date.

We both got home extremely late.

Everything was just so right.

It was a truly magical night.


The two of us felt like fate,

Everything was just so great.

But we both knew it couldn't last,

Just didn't know it'd go so fast.


Our first fight was late one night.

I was wrong and you were right,

But I could never speak those words,

Even if they should be heard.


We made up and tried to work,

All things did was get much worse.

We fought more and things got hard,

And you returned to that old bar.


She was hot; I stood no chance,

And that is why we didn't last.

I couldn't stay or try again,

That's not the kind of girl I am.


The smell of cigarettes and rum,

Will always make me feel dumb.

Every time I sniff those scents,

I think of you and what might've been.