The duck goes moo as the moon implodes and order becomes artwork.

Tides become black holes of chaos and beauty, but Little Quackers can survive'm.

We are all but quantum particles in the atom of chaos and madness, changing the structure and direction of the world cell, the cosmic entity.

Space will eat you.

It tends to eat everything though.

Especially when hurricanes in space are hungry, then we become dinner for the whimsical destruction of chemically bound quantum material, causing in atomic decomposition over a rate of about .256 milliseconds.

He must not have eaten in a while.

Damn terrorist.

What's next, it'll bomb a tower or a bridge?

London bridge is falling down with everybody on it, into space holes for you.

Loopholes could be exploited, but do you know the Contra Code, or the DaVini Code, or the Mona Lisa?

Se sure is weird, not smiling and showing her yellow teeth, reminiscent of cheese or a banana.

Oh, an apple?

A softball?

A bat!

Don't take my blood, Dracula!

Just impale me instead.

No, I don't swing that way, as the earth does in the Sun's gravitational field.

The Sun needs a diet.

Maybe if it went moo and jumped the moon, it'd be in better shape.