I know that tomorrow

I will be too tired to bear.

But where I am right now,

content in my own mind,

Why would I want to leave that?


Two o'clock in the morning and

the snow reflects the quiet of the city;

even the street lights look softer.

If this city is alive,

surely it is sleeping now.

And I can't look away.



My body sags

and my pillow calls inviting.

But my mind does not wish to

leave this place so quickly.

Distant echoes are no longer

mere background noise.



Where is that one car going?

How far distant is the street that it's on?

Such small pipe sounds -

simple running water turns to

Streams and waterfalls and

pouring rain.

Are there train tracks near here?

Because I can hear the train.



In the morning I will wish

that I were here again.

I will struggle through the day.

But is it not all worth it -

to experience the peace

of being surrounded by

this city's life

all tucked away in sleep?