After The Party

If I was your best friend,
I'd want you 'round all the time
Girl I'll be your best friend,
If you promise you'll be mine
50 Cent Best Friend

Tuesday 17th July

Lydia groaned as she stepped out of the shower. She'd been in there thirty minutes only to discover that the warm water couldn't wash away a headache left by alcoholic spritzers and cheap beer. The party had ground to a halt at five in the morning but it still took a little while to evict the last few stragglers. Jason's friends had made themselves at home in front of the TV watching late night ESPN and were the last to go.

Lydia yawned loudly as she stepped back into her room and turned on the radio on top of her dresser. Crap. It was quarter past two and she needed to be at work for six to start setting up the bars.

"Come back to bed babe," Jason called, watching her dress from their double bed in the centre of the room. He had a lazy smile on his face and arched an eyebrow as his eyes ran over her body, she was buttoning up a long sleeved shirt but he was clearly undressing her again with his imagination.

"Babe!" Lydia groaned "I'm meant to be at work tonight and we need to clean this place up,"

His only response was an extended hand reaching out to pull her back down towards him as she took it.

"Hmm, no," she murmured, finally breaking away from his lips and propping herself up on the edge of the bed to put on some jeans. His attempts to win her back to bed by butterfly kissing her neck as she pulled them up however were rebuffed. He fell back onto the bed groaning loudly as she left the room.

Lydia yawned as she walked over to Ethan's room to wake him up, she'd gone to bed at six locking up after the party, which he hadn't helped with at all. He'd just jetted past her at about 5am, clearly exhausted from some escapade or other. Well he could get up and help now! Ryan might be able to get away with passing off as a guest, even though she was practically family, but he couldn't.

"Ethan," she called softly, pushing his room door open. Afternoon sunlight was streaming through the window, curling round the drapes with fingers as warm as Jason's had just been in her hands, to highlight tangled console wires, a plate of half eaten pasta on top of the dressing table and the double bed on the far side of the room.

Upon this last item Lydia found Ethan and Ryan wrapped around each other in the tangled untidy sheets. He was lying on his back, eyes closed and Ryan was sleeping with her head resting on his arm and tucked into his shoulder, her forehead just under his chin. One of his hands was curled around her head protectively and the other was slung around her waist. It was one of the cutest things she'd ever seen! Not to mention a long way away from all the bickering she'd become accustomed to associating with them when she was in Florida. She almost didn't want to wake them.

She tiptoed back to her room and grabbed her phone to take a picture so she could tease them about it when they woke up. But three minutes later and the sudden flash of light from the doorway had succeeded in fulfilling her original task as Ethan woke up in time to pull the pillow out from underneath them to fling at his sister across the room.



I look at my phone, frowning that's the second missed call I've had from Tim since I've been away. He was such a loser. I broke up with him three weeks ago. No real reason really, he was sweet but he had THE hugest ego. He's a soccer player like me and I beat him by two points at 16 yard penalties. He sulked for three days.

"Whose calls are you ignoring girl?"

"Oh just some guy,"

Shay-Ann had come over a couple of hours ago to help with the clearing up, which was mostly done now, so I was sat on the couch in a black snap back and one of Ethan's hoodies drinking coffee with the girls and talking about going back to sleep. Well, I was talking about going back to sleep. They were talking about going to the club. Lydia's shift started at 10pm and she wanted me to come down later on with Shay so I could see where she worked.

"No way," I protest "It's been a non stop party since I got here. I swear this is the first non alcoholic beverage I've had,"

"Ok then fine but you've gotta come tommorrow night,"

"Yeah, it's Aleta's show tomorrow," Shay adds, "you should definitely come,"

"Alright, gimme a sec guys," I agree hurriedly, deciding to finally stop avoiding Tim and flipping my phone open to take the unknown call.

"Hey. Ryan speaking,"

"Ry, baby." says a velvety yet very unTim like male voice. Hmm...

"I've missed you!" he continues. Missed me huh? Of course he has.

"Aww, well why haven't I heard from you if you miss me so much?" I say trying to work out who I'm talking to.

"You haven't been taking my calls,"

Hmm... That could be any number of people.

"Yeah, things have been a bit hectic lately. How's things with you?" I say changing topic to try and get a better idea of who it is I'm talking to. Lydia looks at me questioningly and I just shrug completely clueless.

"Better for speaking to you,"

"Aww, your sweet. But really, what have you been up to?"

"Same old, still working on my music. Got some new vids up on you tube, you should get your brother to take a look at them for me you know,"

Oh. It was Cameron. He sounded different on the phone. He'd been teaching me guitar back in Florida. Mad talented guy, it was a shame his band kind of sucked. I keep trying to subtly convince him to take the solo route and post some YouTube vids to get some exposure.

"Sure thing. Your crazy talented Cameron. I've been telling you to do this for ages,"

"Whose Cameron?"


"This is Jerome,"



"Ryan, you don't even know who you're speaking to?"

"Of course I do, uh, I was just messing with you. 'Corse I'll take a look at your vids, not sure my brother will have time but I'll try,"

All lies.

"Ok, great. So I heard your out of Florida,"

How? He must have called my house.

"That's right,"

"When are you back?"

"I'm not really sure to be honest. I've got to go though cause I'm... a bit busy right now. I'll look you up as soon as I'm back in town ok,"

"Alright ma,"

So... Jerome is this really bad wannabe rapper. Really bad, as in, I spit bars better than him when I'm singing along to old LeftEye tracks! But he's somehow got it into his head that he's going to be the next big thing and that I'm his way to get there just because my older brother Xavier knows a few people in the music industry. I hang up deciding that I better save his number this time so that I'm forewarned when he calls.

"What?" I ask, looking up to find them all watching me with knowing smirks.

"Girl. You had no clue who that was!" Lydia says and I burst out laughing. "You are so bad!"

"Thinking about it, you do get a lot of booty calls for a virgin," Ethan remarks cheekily from the doorway. He's dressed in casual slacks and a grey tee, blond-brown hair even messier than usual and he has clearly only just got up, the lazy fucker.

"A mid afternoon phone call does not qualify as a booty call!" I retort, rolling my eyes. "And telling everyone that I'm a virgin is slander. I could sue you for that!"

Ethan just grins, winking at me "Feel free,"

"Ha ha! I already knew so don't sweat it. We're all family here," Lydia chuckles.

"What?! It's all lies," I protest to Shay-Ann, trying to defend my honour.

"There's nothing wrong with being a virgin," she says, reassuringly.

"Sure there's not, only I'm not one!"

"Hey Lyds, what's for lunch? I'm hungry," asks Ethan, scrolling through his phone nonchalantly.

"I'm going out to get pizza. Actually, we may as well go now. Shay you coming?"

"Yeah," Shay gets up from the sofa to follow her "See you later guys,"

"Bye," Ethan replies, watching Shay's ass as she leaves.

As soon as they're gone, I throw a cushion at him. It hits him in the face, making him drop his phone and he just stands there for a second looking shell-shocked, which makes me laugh.

"Bitch!" he exclaims, jumping on the sofa to sit on my legs so that he can beat me with one.

"What? No," I scream, trying to protect my face and fight him off at the same time. "Ethan!"

- X -

"What was up with you yesterday by the way?" I ask him quietly a few hours later, when he's sat next to me on the couch with a big bowl of Doritoes. The lights are out and we're watching Ghost with Lydia and Jason.


"At the party, when you got all hostile with that kid,"

"And you acted like you were my boyfriend?" I continue after getting a confused look.


Finally, he remembers.

"I don't like that guy," he states, as if that should explain everything. "He's a creep,"

"Talk about cock blockage," I joke, watching the main character run around the screen screaming.

"Your joking right," he laughs, giving me a look that reminds me way too much of my older brother "You weren't thinking about messing around with that guy?"

"What if I was?" I smirk defiantly. I wasn't but still, having a pretend boyfriend doesn't exactly have many perks, unless of course one was to count scaring off any new guys that might want to show me some interest. Ethan had no right to do that.

He eyes me for a while as if trying to decide whether I'm being serious or not "Well If you were then maybe you should have been thinking about getting some standards instead,"

That was low.

"Says the guy who fucks anything in a skirt,"

"Touché. And I do not fuck anything in a skirt, the girls I fuck wear jeans and shorts some days too,"

"Whatever," I sneer "And for your information I wasn't thinking about doing anything with that kid," I say coldly "But I do think you should know that I don't give a shit what you think about my standards,"

"Well in that case go right ahead! Do what you want, I'll even give you his number if you really want it. That guy is the biggest douche on the planet, he would have just followed you around all evening and harrassed you. Forgive me for trying to be a good friend and saving you from that,"

"Well mind your own business next time, I don't need you to save me from anything,"

Jason tilts his head back on the sofa in a dramatic display of exasperation. I guess our argument has gotten a little loud.

"Oh my god," he exclaims "Why don't you two just get together and be done with it,"

"What?!" I try to ignore Lydia's sniggers from the corner of the room. Was this some kind of sick joke? Both me and Ethan are pissed off and he comes out with that? Ethan's mouth actually falls open. We're both as offended and as outraged as each other.

"If you got rid of all that sexual tension between you two it might actually become bearable for other people to be around you," Jason continues in a semi-stern tone, looking from me to Ethan. "The world would be a better place,"

"Fuck off," we both reply together, and I can only scowl at the little smirk that Jason gives at our synchronised response.

"What your feeling is not sexual tension," I inform him coldly "It's mutual loathing,"


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