Weeping Hollows

Carven boughs of mahogany
raised up against the winter night
Haughtiness etched in a panoply
to shield the heart of a hollow light

Silken threads of a schemer's skein
stretched tight against the chilling grind
Craftiness spread o'er the weaver's mien
to shroud the heart of a hollow mind

Blackened staves wrought of an iron fist
scarring the earth like an icy knife
Loneliness raised as an edifice
to guard the heart of a hollow life

Carrion winds waft quietly
and wake the homunculus
Agony sparks an epiphany
to fill the heart of a hollow curse

But the summer rays of a Sacrifice
shatter the shell of that darksome shoal
Charity changes the dread device
and fills the heart of a hollow soul.