In the beginning of my life here,

I was rejected by everyone.

I was used by who I considered "near."

I was thrown into disparity and ruin.

For those two years, I trembled in fear,

Yes I was different, but did I need to be persecuted?

"Definitely," was the answer that would always appear.

Hate and intolerance they chanted.

Destruction and a lonely Darkness is what I received

Still I pressed on, defending whatever scrap of pride I still had.

Eventually, Victory I achieved.

but it made them mad.

They didn't want me to be happy.

they pressed on with their hate, crueler than ever before.

their hate had no effect on me,

but their hate, I didn't ignore.

They, I didn't avoid.

instead, I made them feel their own torture.

Through it all, they were left destroyed.

And I, seen to be stronger, better

rejected them.

Yet now I prefer the darkness.

I now prefer to be alone.

But, being at the top, gives me a social empire,

An Empire, I defend.