There was a night when you had asked me
How a girl like me could fall for a guy like you
And although I hadn't responded right then and there
Your answer has finally been thought through:

I don't know what you were expecting-
A few compliments maybe?
But I love you for who you are
And just know that it grows daily…


I love the way you don't fear opinions
When you start singing random songs aloud
I love you look like such a 'London-er'
While standing in a bus with a crowd

I love the way you get happy with an app
And start flirting with your phone
I especially loved the way the app told you to stop flirting,
And to just leave her alone

I love the way, even when its cold,
You always take my hand
I love the way you always try to convince me
To start liking your favorite band

I love the way you talk to your 'mates'
With whom you pretend to be gay
Although if a day comes when you 'come out of the closet'
Just know I'm walking quickly away


I love the way you hug me
And the way you always smell of Dove
And I love the way you get angry
When I tried to speak slang, and called you 'bruv'

I love the way you dance
But then again, all the girls do-
They love it so much, they've already told me
That the next time we're out, THEY are dancing with you

I love the way you look at me
And say 'Hey' when we're alone
I love the way you react to my text, "Hey, sexy"
When you yourself send it from my phone

I love the way you read my poetry from years ago
But still asked if I was alright
Truth is though, I'm perfectly happy
So long as you are in sight

And although this past month has been hard
'Cause I went home, and so did you
We were continents apart, but the fact is:
We made it through

The month is over
And the end of the wait is near
I'm flying closer to you every minute
But, for now, I'll just wait for the moment when
I can finally tell you, "I'm here".

I'm so sorry I took so long to answer
I just wanted my words to ring true
I'm hoping you laughed (and teared up a little inside)
But this question needs no answer
Because I just did it – I fell for you.

I don't know when and where it happened
It was just a feeling that felt right
And although I tried to keep it hidden-
Apparently it was hidden in plain sight.

But now the question finally has an answer
And hopefully it's no longer a thought in your head
But here is my answer-
The words I never, but should have, said.


14th January 2012