An old man limped down a country road. His feet were numb, his arms tired, and his stomach empty. Although he yearned with every inch of his body to stop, something in his heart urged him to go forward. Every day, he would come across a village or two, and all the people would do their very best to stop him from walking, and try to give him food and shelter. "Come with us," they'd plead, "You've had a hard day." However, the old man would only turn down their kindness, and silently push past the crowd of sympathetic townsmen as he continued to venture down the never ending road.

Along the way, a small dog joined the old man in his journey. Although they usually enjoyed the company of each other silence, every now and then the old man would turn over to the dog and whisper the words, "I'm sorry, Julia. I'm sorry I waited so long. I'm sorry I left you behind. I regret every moment I spend without you, and I hope you can forgive me for the horrible deeds I've done in this life."

Eventually, the old man and the dog came to the point where they could not see the road anymore. A white light spread out in front of them, and the man's legs finally gave away. The old man fell on the ground; his mission accomplished, and tears stated rolling down his worn face. "I'm home, Julia," the man choked out. "I'm home."