Cries of terror and screams of pain echoed throughout the village as it was slowly but surely torn apart. The cause of the destruction wasn't some horrific monster (Although, one could look at it that way), but instead a young girl. By the way she was dressed and the way that her hair was styled it was very apparent that she was the daughter of a rich family. Her hair was a silky blond color that was so bright it almost looked like woven strands of gold. Two braids were formed from her hair, one braided strain on each side of her head. Each of the braids looped into a circle forming what almost looked like droopy dog's ears on the side of her head, held together by two purple bows.

She wore a purple dress that had obviously been modified for making running and walking in general easier. The bottom half of the dress worked much more like a skirt, something you rarely saw on girls outside of hookers and adulterers. But this girl wasn't wearing a skimpy outfit for those reasons, but rather wore it for battle purposes. Below the purple skirt she worse dark purple stockings to match with the rest of her outfit. All of the purple seemed to perfectly match with giant, dark purple suit of armor trudging alongside of her through the town.

Although most people lacking context of the situation at hand would think that there would be a man inside of the suit of armor acting as the young girl's body guard, they would be wrong. The suit of armor was actually completely empty. The girl walking beside the armor was actually controlling the suit of armor all by herself.

As the girl and her tool of destruction trudged through the town destroying anything in their path, civilians tried in vein to try and stop them. They hurled rock, weapons, and even physically tried to attack the girl or the suit of armor. But not a single dent or scratch was formed on the suit of armor, and the girl hardly seemed to notice the attacks which had virtually no effect on her. Only another person who had their own set of armor could actually damage her. And the civilians knew this, yet they still did everything they could to try and kill her.

"I know you're out here somewhere!" bellowed the young girl with a tone of authority "If you don't come out right now I'll have no choice but to kill every last person here until I finally kill you!"

With that declaration the dark purple suit of armor lifted its right hand, which held an equally dark purple battle ax, and lunged at the nearest group of people. It was what looked like a family, a mother, a father, and two small children. But the sadistic girl didn't care, she slaughtered them with her knight. She didn't care at all. She would gladly kill everyone in the town. Gretione, the 'kingdom' she was invading was easily the poorest and weakest of the eight kingdoms. It was a miracle that since they had received their suit of armor thirteen years ago that they had even survived long enough to see the day that it could be activated.

"Don't you care about your people? Do you want to see them die?" Shouted the girl as she continued to send the suit of armor after families, children, elderly, pets, anything that she laid her sights on. To her, they were all just trash anyways. She didn't need them, although the idea of keeping them all as slaves after she took over the land. But really, she was only really attacking Gretione for two reasons. The first being to add more land on to her home kingdom, Rilliote, although that wasn't really saying much as Gretione was the smallest of the eight kingdoms. The second being to open up pathways to even more kingdoms for her to conquer.


"What?" Gasped the young girl as a small dent formed on the front of her dark purple knight. And along with the dent she felt a small dull pain in her chest as the damage done to the suit of armor was reflected on her.

Thud! Thud! And two more dents and dull pains.

"Oh, I get it!" Exclaimed the girl "Invisibility, huh? That's a neat power. But unfortunately for you, my Coillette here can actually disable the powers of the seven other knights!"

Suddenly an orange colored knight slowly formed into view in front of the girl and her knight, Coillette. The image of the suit of armor as well as the young boy controlling it slowly appeared, first appearing as if they were like ghosts that you could partially see through until their invisibility finally wore off revealing their solid forms.

The orange knight itself was a lot shorter and thinner than the dark purple one. And instead of having a battle ax like Coillette it had an orange shield with a spike jutting out of the center of the shield. Over all, the knight itself was easily one of the weakest. Its only saving grace was its ability to turn itself and its owner invisible. A power like that could allow them to hide from any potential enemies. Unfortunately, the boy had been coaxed out into the open by his enemies threat to kill everyone he had ever known. And she even crushed the only small advantage he had by disabling his invisibility power.

The boy himself was skinny and obviously hadn't eaten in days. His hair was jet black, greasy, and shaggy. His clothes were a light brown covered, tattered, and torn up. He wore no shoes at all.

The girl had Coillette lift its battle ax back up into the air and had it swing back down towards the orange suit of armor. The blade of the ax slammed into the chest of the orange knight. The force of the ax tore right through the center of the armor. And the damage was reflected on over to the boy controlling the orange knight, which ripped his chest open, soaking the front of his torn up shirt with blood.

"Riffore..." Muttered the boy in pain as he dropped to the name.

"Aww, how cute! Is that the name of your night?" Asked the young girl "By the way, what's your name?"

"Ja- James..." Muttered the boy in pain.

"James, huh? My names Helga. Well, enough of this, it's time for you to die."

Coillete lifted its battle ax once again and swung it horizontally towards Riffore, the orange knight. The ax slammed into the side of the side of the neck of the orange knight. The blade drove straight the the metal that connected the helmet and the chest of the suit of armor, lobbing the helmet right off of the knight. And just like before, the damage was reflected onto the owner of the knight. James head was torn right off of his own body, causing his body to fall from its knees to the ground. Meanwhile the head rolled away from the body, leaving a trail of blood.