"I've done it! I've altered fate itself!"

"Really? I didn't think that was possible!"

"It has to be, I just did it."

Alone in the dungeons of the castle of Mediterria sat two thirteen-year-olds, one boy and one girl. Just behind the two stood a large suit of armor which belonged to the girl. It was pink and looked like a deformed, humanoid crab. Instead of hands it had large claws and its entire body was covered in small spikes like the outer shell of a crab. Clutched in both of its claws was a very large, spiked mace. It was definitely an intimidating looking suit of armor. And although it was a pink, it definitely did not look like something one would expect a girl to wield. And although none of the children playing the game would have known this at the time, but the larger knights tended to choose girls to form bonds with. That's why Coillete, the purple knight chose the devilish girl of Riollete, Helga. And that was also was why the pink knight of Mediterria, Rille, chose Kaia.

Kaia herself was chosen at a young age to be a Puakai, or Sea Flower. Puakai were said to have mystical powers that allowed them control water. Being a kingdom that was almost entirely just a long stretch of shore, Mediterrian culture was heavily based around water and the sea. So when it was revealed that Kaia was the one connected to real, which looked like a monster of the seas, she was immediately selected to be a Puakai. And when she finally turned thirteen and revealed Rille's ability to 'swim' through solid objects everyone in her kingdom thought it was fate.

However, Kaia herself never believed in magic. To her, the sea was just a giant body of water, there was nothing mystic about it at all. There were only eight magical things in the world, and those were the eight suits of armor. Everything else just seemed like a fairy tail. Because her and all the other girls chosen to become Puakai would spend hours every day trying to manipulate water, but the only time they ever could was when they actually used their hands or feet. That wasn't magic, that was just physically moving the water.

Sitting next to Kaia was Gin, a boy about the same age as her. And standing in front of the two children was another suit of armor, although this one was blue instead of pink. The blue knight wasn't nearly as massive as Rille, but it was slim and about as tall as the pink knight. Lying on the floor just behind the blue knight was a blue spear. Instead of holding the spear in its hands, it held both of its hands outstretched just a small distance from each other. In the space between the two hands was a flame that flashed various different colors such as red, blue, pink, purple, green, and several others. Although it appeared to be just a flame, when Gin stared into it he could see the future.

Gin and Kaia were childhood friends, and both of them knew that they were both selected to be the children who wielded their kingdom's suit of armor. Although the two were technically enemies, they still got along well. Before Phantom had shown up Gin's kingdom and Kaia's kingdom had been completely separate. However, soon after the two formed into one kingdom. This made Mediterria the only kingdom to have more than one set of armor to its name. And the two knights seemed to compliment each other well. Kaia's knight was the force of the duo, while Gin's knight could predict the future in order to predict his and Kaia's otherwise imminent death.

"What exactly did you change? Did we get moved up in the rankings?" Asked Kaia.

"Not quite. Really, all I did was swap two of the people in the ranks below us," Explained Gin "Remember how the order was orange, yellow, then red?"

"Yeah." Responded Kaia.

"Now it's orange, which has already been eliminated, red, and then yellow."

"So you just switched it so that the red knight is going to die before the yellow knight? How does that help us?" Asked Kaia with a worried tone in her voice.

"Well, not just that, I also pushed back the date of our death about a week because of this."

"Wait, so just how did you do this anyways?" Asked Kaia, seeing how Gin had never even left the kingdom.

"I just got one of the mail birds and tied a note to it." Explained Gin.

"Wait, you seriously just sent a note by pigeon mail?" Asked Kaia, wondering if he was even being serious.

"Yeah, I told the boy with the yellow knight that Helga would come after him next and kill him. Normally he would have known that Helga would be coming after him, but now that I've warned him he will travel to another country to ask the boy with the red knight to join forces with him to fight Helga. They'll chase her off, but then she'll go and head for the boy in the red armor next and successfully slay him. Then she'll move on to the boy with the yellow armor and defeat him fairly easily. That throws in an extra battle into the mix which should buy me enough time to send out some more knights." Explained Gin.

"So... You're using these other kids to fight Helga for us?" Asked Kaia.


"That's a little disturbing, but I know that we wouldn't stand a chance against her ourselves. We need to make sure that they kill her!" Shouted Kaia.

"I'm just really glad that I know that I really can alter the future now. Although I am a little worried about what will happen once we eliminate Helga."

"Why? Our ranks will be bumped up, maybe we'll even get shot up to first and second place!" Exclaimed Kaia in excitement.

"I don't know. It's just that by taking someone who is supposed to be the winner and then killing them so early on, I just wonder how drastically all the rankings will change. Right now I'm in fifth place and you're in fourth place. But I can only hope that by killing Helga our ranks only go up, not down..."