To Hurt

Hurt is a form of love and hatred….

They say that the more you get hurt,

Means that the more you care…

However, it is hard to convert

All these feelings into something acceptable, my dear.

Hurt is a form of love,

I believe,

Because some of the hurt feels good above

All the shit and all the grieve.

Then to the Yang comes the Yin.

The negative hatred that Hurt inflicts.

The Hurts that you feel by this one is a Sin…

The Sin, where your life and this Hurt has many conflicts.

Hurt is a form of love: Coming from others,

This means that when they hurt you,

It really means that you both care for one another…

However, even though the scars are out of their view,

You still know that… they love you?

I say that Hurt is a form of love and hatred,

But, apparently the saying is you hurt the ones you love….