The woman stood on the edge of the old grassless cliff. She appeared to be older than twenty but younger than thirty. She was fully clothed in a white blouse and a loose fitting black skirt. She also wore a hat that mostly covered her long wavy golden blond hair. The strangest thing about the woman was that she was wearing large blacked out sunglasses that almost covered her whole face, when the sky was clouded over. She almost looked like she didn't want to be recognized by anyone. There was definitely a strong storm coming, the waves far below her proved it. They crashed and foamed on the jagged rocks with immense force. It was nights like this that reminded her of her curse, although some might call it a gift or even a super power. It was nothing like a super power at all. Super powers were given to people so they could help those who could not help themselves; hers was dividing her from others. She had learned a long time ago that time no longer affected her, or you could more truthfully say that it over affected her. The memory of the night she found this out was burned into her mind for all eternity.

She was it a safety camp during World War IV. The camp was okay looking. It was hidden in the center of the large forest, and could not be seen from overhead. There were seventy eight shacks for people to sleep in. She remembered counting each and every one about a million times when she was bored. Going back and forth past the thirty nine rows of small crudely made wooden huts. They had a rough kitchen like area, a rest room, and two bedrooms. There was also a somewhat rundown playground with a slide, a few swings, a seesaw, and monkey bars. There were a few shops for when people needed something they themselves could not grow or make. There was always enough food and water for everyone plus extra. Her country even made sure to have a doctor nearby if anyone had needed one. The place was sanitary but there was still dirt almost everywhere. The war had already lasted a year, but it looked like it might not end soon. The countries of the world were all against each other, there were no allies this time.

She had just finished dinner and was playing with some of the friends she had made during her time in the camp. There were about fifteen kids running around in the center of the camp. She had just been tagged as 'it' when a large explosion sounded and many sharp cries of terror were heard over every other sound. All of the men assigned to protect them ran towards the area of the explosion. She saw families running around trying to find their kids and get them in their own separate wooden shacks. She even saw her own mother pushing through the crowds of kids and adults trying to reach her. It was at this part of the memory she always felt a tear run down her face. This is because her mother never got to her. An armed man that she never saw before came running up behind her mom. He was dressed in a suit made of three different shades of green. He had on his head a helmet with what seemed to be a tangled mess of both leaves and vines on it. His face was also painted in the same colors as his clothes. People shouted and scattered with completely oblivious children tucked tightly under their arms. More men came from all over, some breaking into houses with closed doors and shooting its inhabitants with no remorse or mercy. The rest of the strange men stole food and water and took down anyone who got in their way.

Everyone she had known and loved were being hit. She herself was being targeted. Her arms and legs were already bleeding and still the strangers were firing at her and the others. Her legs started to feel like brittle twigs that were going to break at any moment. What had finally made her black out was final shot to the back of the neck, and then she fell down face forwarded into the dirt and the blood that had already been shed. She didn't see anything: no heaven, no hell, not even a light at the end of the tunnel. She didn't even feel like she was standing on anything either, it was just as if she were floating in a pool of thick, dark nothingness. She could not move and she didn't want to. After what seemed like only five minutes she opened her eyes. It was just like she had fallen asleep and was now waking up fully refreshed. There were no more living bodies in the base. It was raining hard; it was almost like the sky was shedding large tears only for them. The strange men had left with everything they could carry. With dried blood and mud all over her, she stumbled around the lifeless corpses that had once been her friends and family. She wandered around the base. She found her friends that were rushed away by their families, with looks of confusion eternally plastered all over their faces. She found the guards also shot down along with the only doctor in the area. She finally made her way to the house she always numbered one or seventy eight, hers. Her house was empty; she was an only child living with a single mother. She walked into her room, picked out some clothes to replace her destroyed ones and headed to the washroom to clean herself of all dirt and blood. Once she was fully cleansed, she counted how many new scars she had from the flying metal projectiles; there were twenty eight in total.

It was a week later when the government learned that safety camp six had been found and its occupants had been murdered. They called in a special branch of the army to go check it out just in case there were still remnants of the enemy. When they were told that number six was completely uninhabited, the leader of the country, two armed men, and a scribe journeyed down to the camp to learn who had died and inform anyone with living family connections. When they were a mile or so away they saw smoke coming up from the trees. The armed men went ahead to check it out and came back with shock on their faces. The leader was taken to the camp with the still shocked men in the lead. There he saw all the houses in the base set on fire, and a small child on her knees who seemed to be praying. "What is going on here," he shouted at her but was still trying to be kind at the same time. She stopped praying and looked at all the men before her. She had tears streaming down her face and her eyes were red and puffy.

"Men came here and killed them all. I am sending them to Heaven now." She explained calmly. Her tone of voice and her facial appearance were showing two completely different emotions. She then went back to praying to whomever she believed in for her fallen. Woebegone, the leader took the child back to the capital where he adopted her and she told everybody her story of what had happened. Once people had learned about what had happened they became out raged and more egger to enlist in the war. There were also some that began to hate the one survivor. They didn't like how she had basically told everyone she was in a way immortal. Scientist studied her DNA and her body. They found nothing out of the ordinary or in any way different from a normal human being. They figured then the only way to learn about her was through detailed experiments. When she learned about their plan, she knew what she had to do.

At only the age of thirteen years old, she ran away from her native country and created a completely new her. The war had ended only a year ago and there were rumors going around about a young girl who could survive gunshots, but she felt safe from being discovered. She had a nice life. She went to school, got a part time job, and was physically and mentally happy. However, it was a short lived dream. Nine years after her new identity was created she was found. She was walking down the street towards her home, like she did every day after work. She was only half way home when she heard a sharp sound. She knew that sound; it was impossible for her not to know that sound. She knew she had to duck, but it was already too late. Everyone around her was screaming and running away. That was the last thing she saw before she fell in to the same darkness she remembered from when she was only eight years old.

She was in the same nothingness longer then she was in it the last time. She eventually woke up again, and there were people all around her. There were cops and even an ambulance nearby. The men in white were taking out a stretcher and were unfolding a large black body bag. She slowly got up and everyone took a few steps back, even the police did as well. They all screamed in both terror and shock when she ran past the yellow non sticky tape and all the way home. Nobody stopped her for even a second. When she got home she flipped on the television and surfed all the news channels and online news to find anything she could on what had just happened to her. When she finally found it out, she didn't blame the people around her for being scared. A sniper had gotten her, nobody knew where the shot had originated from but that wasn't the point. When the bullet collided with her skull, it had exploded like a fire work on the fourth of July. Her skull fragments and inner tissues had gone everywhere. Although, the strangest part was not her cranium being shattered into millions of pieces but her coming back from the dead. It was almost as if she was a television show and someone had just pressed the rewind button.

Everyone from everywhere now knew about the curse that had been placed upon her. They had raised her on an extremely high pedestal. The major problem with being on a tall pedestal is that the higher the pedestal the farther the fall. The farther the fall the harder the crash; the harder the crash the more deadlier the shockwaves. She could no longer run away from it. Everyone would hunt her down like an animal. That is why she had come to the highest cliff the stretched out onto water that she could find on the night of the deadliest storm in ages. She believed this was the only way to get away from everything. "Excuse me Miss," the old man who watched over the area said coming up behind her, "there's a storm coming, you might want to head for cover."

She looked at the man, her last glimpse of any humanoid. "Thanks for your concern, but this is my cover." The man then noticed she had an iron ball attached to her ankle, like the ones they used to tack onto prisoners. She then took a single step backward and fell off the edge of the cliff. She fell and nobody has ever seen her again. Her body was never found, although the iron ball was. Many people believe that nobody will ever find her body. They say her body will keep her alive but she will never come up for air, so she will never be found.