Damien stared up at the colorful sky, full of pinks and blues. He sighed in content. He felt so comfortable here. The grass was soft, the scenery around him was amazing, and young children's giggle and smiles made him feel warm inside.

He laid on his back in a huge field. Using his hands as a pillow, he rested his head on them and enjoyed the peacefulness. Children, almost all younger than him, occupied themselves with games of hide and go seek or tag. There were some trees here and there and some patches of tall grass, so hide and go seek wasn't a complete waste of time.

Although he was quite relaxed, he got up because of a strange feeling that there was something he had to do. Looking around, he saw the same field with the same happy children. It made him feel protected, but he wasn't sure why.

He was about to sit back down, but he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was a bright shine, which came from a branch high up on a tree. At first he thought it to be just another kid trying to climb to the very to of the tree for fun, but after some observations that seemed impossible. All of the kids here were to short to even reach the first branch of the tree.

The tree wasn't too far away from where he was, and since it seemed like it would be more interesting investigating the shine than just laying back down, he started fast walking toward the tree.

The tree was huge in comparison to the other trees here in the field. It looked like the perfect trees to climb, with sturdy branches trying to reach out and touch the sky, but most of the kids had not even attempted to climb it as the first branch was at least five feet up.

As Damien got closer to it, the shine he had saw before had gone away, taking the shape of a person. he realized he must have been too far away to see them.

When he finally reached the fairly tall tree, he looked up to see a girl. She seemed to be around his age, fifteen or sixteen, and she had dirty blonde hair cascading down her shoulders and back. Dim emerald eyes looked out to what seemed to be nothing. With much curiosity, Damien started to climb up the tree.

The trees twigs and branch gave Damien cuts and scraps as he made his way up. When he got to a branch near the girl, he perched himself on it and inspected his cuts. The girl did not move or make any noise to acknowledge his presence. After concluding that he didn't get hurt that badly, he turned his attention to the girl.

She still hadn't even looked at Damien, instead looking at what seemed to be the middle of the field. He noticed her fidgeting with the necklace she wore. It was a nicely shined silver necklace, with a locket. He realized that the locket was the source of the light from before, the sun light reflecting off of it to him.

"Hey," Damien said and after a pause added, "My name is Damien."

She still didn't move, not even a flicker of her eyes. It was starting to creep him out. He furrowed his eyebrows in frustration and opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted.

"Do you see it," she asked, her voice a bit raspy as if she hadn't spoken in days, which seemed to be the case to Damien.

"See what? What are you talking about?" He was a bit confused to say the least. All he saw was a big open field, full of cheerful kids and laughter.

"The house over there. Right in front of us," she whispered as if somebody was listening to them.

He looked in the direction she had pointed to, but he didn't see any house, or even anything out of the normal.

"I don't see any house," he said after a minute of straining his eyes to see the non existent house.

The girl grabbed the top of Damien's head and turned it back out towards the field. She pointed to something but Damien couldn't see what.

"Look right there. See how the kids avoid that area? That's because there is a house there!" She basically shouted in Damien's ear.

He had already given up, but tried again to see it. After she had pointed out the fact that the children weren't going into that one area, he had realized it to be true. He was surprised he hadn't seen it before. Then, staring at the empty area, Damien blinked. When he opened his eyes again, there was indeed a house there.

"I see it," He said in quite a bit of shock.

It hadn't been there before. At least, he didn't see it. It was an old house, and looked like it hadn't been taken care of in many years. It had a big front porch, in which sat a rocking chair and a couple pots that probably once held plants. The door was shut, but the screen door was torn up and looked a bit busted. The shutters on the windows looked bolted in, and there were a few holes in the roof.

"When did that get there?" Damien was still almost positive that the house wasn't there before. He would have seen it if it were.

"It's been there the whole time," she said and leaned back onto the tree trunk. "So what did you say your name was?"

"My name is Damien," he repeated from earlier. He was still in shock of the house, but he was still curious as to who she was.

"Well, nice to meet you, I guess. I'm Eden." She didn't give him a friendly smile or offer him her hand to shake, but instead looked him up and down, taking in his appearance.

Damien was rather tall with very pale skin. Short, messy, dark brown hair covered his head and his eyes shone a brilliant blue. He frowned a bit from the way she was looking at him. It was uncomfortable.

After a few moments of silence, Eden spoke up.

"So what do you think we should do about it?" She looked back out at the house, Damien following her gaze.

"About what?" He questioned, hoping she wasn't talking about the house, as just it's presence was giving him goose bumps.

"Well, how did you get here," she asked with a hint of irritation.

Damien opened his mouth to answer but no words came out. He couldn't remember. As far as he could remember, he just woke up here out of no where, laying around here in this field.

"See? You don't remember, and neither do I," she paused," and I'm almost certain it has something to do with that house."

Damien couldn't disagree with that, but chills went down his spine when he thought about getting any closer to the creepy house. It just didn't fit in with the oh so cheerful background.

"Well, what do you think we should do?" He regretted asking the question right after it came out of his mouth, already pretty sure of what she was going to say.

"I say we go investigate the place," she whispered, only for Damien to hear.

Damien's eyes flickered to the house again, and the door was quickly closed.