"So what are we waiting for?"

Damien wasn't in a rush or anything, as he'd rather stay away from the house as long as possible, but Eden and him had been sitting there in the tree for an hour or two now.

"I wanted to see if the sun would move, and just as I predicted it has not."

Eden sighed, leaning back against the tree. Damien hadn't noticed, just as he had not noticed the house. He was getting a bit irritated at his obliviousness in this place. He didn't remember being such an unobservant person. Eden took notice to her new friends aggravation and gave him a sympathetic smile, something which she did not really feel comfortable doing.

"Don't stress over it, Damien. It has got to be this place toying with us. That or whoever is in that house. If any of the kids noticed the things they don't now, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be all smiles and giggles."

"Then why aren't you affected by whatever it is?"

Damien regretted his words after they came out. It wasn't really the question that he was bothered by saying but how he said it. It seemed like an accusing tone. Eden's eyebrows furrowed in anger.

"If I had a clue then maybe I wouldn't still be hiding up here in this tree! And it certainly wasn't my chose to be able to notice the creepy things in this place," Eden shouted but in a hushed tone, not sure about anyone listening in from the house.

Damien stayed silent. He didn't want to argue, and he didn't have any comeback anyway. Eden huffed and didn't say anything else. An awkward silence enveloped the two of them.

"I say we go now. It seems nothing is going to change if we just stay here," Eden said to Damien, breaking the silence.

Damien grimaced but mumbled an okay. They both started down the tree, Eden barely getting cut, and Damien only adding a lot more to himself with his clumsiness.

Reaching the bottom, Eden stretched and Damien yawned a bit.

"Don't start getting tired now, as we need to be fully alert and ready for anything," Eden scolded Damien with a small smile, something he thought she was incapable of doing.

"Well no need to worry. A couple more steps towards that freaking house and I'll be all eyes and ears," he reassured her.

The two casually started walking towards the house, trying to appear unaware of the out of place building.

" We should make a wide circle around the house before we go up to it," Eden said while starting to walk a little more off to the side of the house.

They were still in the area where kids were jumping about and playing games. As they made their wide circle around the house, they took quick glances at it. The windows that had shutters were closed, and the ones without were boarded up.

After making their full circle around the house, they couldn't stay away any longer. At least not in Eden's eyes. Damien was still wishing they were in the tree.

"Let's just walk right up and knock on the door," Eden suggested.

"Are you crazy?"

"Well what do you suggest we do then," Eden asked, challenging him to come up with a better idea.

Damien stood and glared at her for a moment then gave up, as he couldn't think of anything better.

" Okay then. Let's go."

They both fast walked up to the house, Eden in the front and Damien almost falling behind. Once Eden reached the porch, she bounded up the stairs in two jumps. Built up curiosity now made her excited to finally be here at the source of her confusion. She stood a step back from the door, Damien now next to her.

"Aren't you going to knock," Damien said with a smirk in response to her hesitation.

"Of course I am! I said I was going to, didn't I?"

With determination, Eden raised her hand, and knocked on the old door.