Do you want to break up with me?

Do you want to be set free?

I can't fulfill your need

I am not sure if I am ready to feed

I hold back those feelings

I let it built up till it reaches the ceiling

Though there are times when I want to try

I can't let those thoughts fly

I don't want to hold you back though

Even if it hurts to let you go

I must if I have to

I don't know what else I can do

One already said that you might as well end it

So do you want us to split?

I don't think we will last long

I wish that I am wrong

You have been the light of night

Or else I wouldn't have called you Knight Light

But if things aren't going to work out

I might as well get hurt early and live without

Answer me soon on you wish

So I will know if I must vanish

I know you may not feel if we break

But it will take a lot of me to handle that ache

But I must know how you truly feel

I want to know if my fears are real

I worry and fear for what is to come

I am scared that we are done

No matter what I want to hear

I want to determine my fears

Are we over before we truly begun?

Are we over before we had all the fun?

Are we over anytime soon?

Will I have to return to my cocoon?

Within my walls I will be safe

Within this barrier no one can chafe

Stay only if you really do like me

For what I can give for you to see

Stay only if you can do without the physical fun

Because it you can't we might as well be done

As much as it will pain me

I must set you free

You need someone who can satisfy you

You need someone who can do more than I do

You need someone who you can please

You need someone who will not tease

You need someone with better confidence

You need someone who to be your balance

Just tell me if we don't exist

So I can start my stage of miss

I can find a way to let go

I will do other things so it won't show

Tell me, just tell me

Will you set me free?