The Darkest Night…

Written by RoyalTigers

The Darkest Night

Chapter 1:

It was a cold, dark and stormy night in the distant town of Voluguard. A small congregation were making their way across the barren streets to where a small, rickety house stood, alone in the midst of large, stable homes of the other townsfolk. A silent man had moved into the house at the end of the street and it was a habit of the youths of the town to dare each other to go up to his door and knock.

It has been a while since any of the youths of the town have tried to even knock on the door for a laugh because there is a rumour that once he took a 14 year old boy and no-one has seen him since. It has been 1 year since the boy disappeared, his name was Jack. He was a well-respected member of a small teenage gang (called Tha Lawh Brakerz) that went around trying to look cool. Everyone knew that Jack was next in line for leadership of Tha Lawh Brakerz just because throughout his life he grew up in the gang with his brother, Blake. Blake had to choose someone else to lead Tha Lawh Brakerz but there wasn't anyone who was fit for the job. In a rush he chose his 10 year old sister, Lea. She like the boys had grown up inside the gang. She was used to Blake going away and leaving someone in charge of his crew.

Back at the house, one of the oldest gang members made their way up the over-grown pathway towards the mystery man's house. They had received a mission from Blake to try and rescue his brother who was soon to be 15. They needed to get him out of there or Blake who lose his rag with the WHOLE gang. "Keep going, Max!" A girl's voice behind him screamed. Max carried on stealthily walking up the unnoticeable path. Finally he reached the front door. He gulped, looked around him, and knocked using the brass door knocker.

From inside he heard the sound of rapid footsteps approaching the door. Slowly the door swung open revealing the small man who nobody knew.

Max cleared his throat…

"What do you want?" The guy asked.

"Well, I, I mean we wanted to know if you had seen a boy called Jack who disappeared after knocking on the door of your house, sir."

Max looked back, saw the gang watching, smiled weakly and turned back to see the man turning and bellowing with all his lungs:


A boy about the age of 15 came sprinting down the hallway, towards the door. He skidded to a stop when he saw Max standing as bold as brass on the doorstep.

From down the pathway Lea spotted her brother and sprinted up the path towards the door. She jumped both steps and landed lightly on the doorstep, right in front of her brother.

"Where is Blake?" Jack asked, looking around expecting him to jump out.

"He… left." Lea replied bluntly with no show of emotion, even though she was feeling tears of happiness pricking in her eyes.

"Oh…" Jack's face fell and realized that his brother had meant to leave him in charge but he couldn't so Lea must be in charge.

"Yeah, but more importantly, where have you been? I've been worried sick and Blake needed you back!" The sight of her brother was getting to her finally.

"I've been here. I couldn't leave Charles on his own and just walk out! I wanted to come back but I couldn't bring myself to just show up with no explanation!" Jack's eyes held love for his sister but he knew he couldn't leave without thanking Charles for letting him stay.

"I'm sorry it took us so long to come and find you. We were all too scared to come near this house in case… in case… in case we were next…" Tears ran down Lea's face as she unleashed the sadness she had been feeling since Jack went missing and Blake left.

Jack looked at Charles and said:

"I need to go back. I thank you greatly for your help. If you need me then you've got my number, Charlie-boy. Goodbye my friend." They hugged on the doorstep inside the doorframe. Jack walked out of the door reaching for his sister's hand. She looked up at him and his outstretched hand. Reaching up she grabbed his hand with a strong hold and he pulled her up. They walked down the garden towards Tha Lawh Brakerz; Max had already re-joined the group. The group walked down the street and they breathed a sigh of relief.

At the other end of the road stood Blake. He was back. Striding towards Jack he cracked his knuckles preparing himself to find out if this was actually his real brother.

"You, me here, now, prove to me that you are my brother."

Jack slipped his hand out of Lea's and stepped towards his brother.

"Oh, so you want me to fight you again? You mean like we used to when we were little? Yeah, sure I will prove to you that I am your little brother!"

Blake looked taken back but righted himself and nodded. They circled each other and kept eye contact throughout.

Jack lunged narrowly missing Blake's chest colliding with his arm. Blake brought his right arm round slamming it into Jack's back. Jack stopped and spun round. He launched himself forward again this time hitting Blake square in the chest. Blake stumbled and reached out grabbing Jack by h the front of his shirt.

"Right, little bro, you've proved yourself you can go off and play now." Blake joked knowing it was Jack, finally back. Jack looked deep into Blake's dark hazel eye's knowing that he wasn't lying.

"Ok, Blakey, I'm gonna go and play outside with my friends!"

Jack and Blake looked at each other and burst out laughing. It was just like when they were kids! The sun was setting by now and none of the gang realized how late it was until parents started calling them inside for the night. The only ones not called in were Jack, Blake and Lea. They had been alone all their lives and had never had parents to look after them. Blake had looked after them and now since Blake was old enough he had got a rent free house for all three of them. They had grown up fending for themselves with no parents to care for them.

Their parents were killed in a freak accident when Blake was 11 and at the time Lea was only 3 years old and just starting to talk. They went away one day and never returned. Someone came knocking on their door to try and explain that they were being split up and placed into care but Blake grabbed Jack and Lea and ran away from their old home. Before Charles moved into the ramshackle shack at the end of the road it was were the three of them had called home. They had lived in the house until Lea was 6. At that time it was a habit of the town's youth to come and play knock, knock ginger on every home door. They saw the three people move in at the end of the road and decided to end there. Once knocking on the door, the unfortunate boy whose job it was to knock on the door ran down the path. Blake had already opened the door and hurtled after him pinning him to the ground with his brute strength. Jack and Lea ran out just in time to haul Blake off the unfortunate boy. Dragging him back they apologized but the boys shook their heads and suggested that they came to their base to meet the leader.

Blake broke free and started to follow the boys down the street. Jack and Lea followed but kept well away from the boys walking casually with Blake behind them. They arrived at a small bunker in a field about half a mile from town. All the other gang members entered the bunker then one poked his head out the door and said that the leader would see them all now. They walked slowly into the bunker and into the back room where the leader was sitting behind a high desk.

He raised his eyebrow as Blake and Jack walked in, but as Lea walked in a look of shock briefly crossed his face. 'A three year old… really, what are her brothers thinking?' They all sat down on the three chairs in front of the desk and looked around them. The leader cleared his throat and started:

"Right, my boys have brought you all here because they think you would be good material for our gang, but really I think you two lads are perfect but…"

Lea stood up.

"WHAT? You think that I am not as capable as my brother's? I can handle this rightly!" She stormed, her green eyes flashing.

"No, I just meant that it might be dangerous and I and your brothers, I think, won't want to see you hurt."

"I can get out of anything! Danger? Pwah! I have faced many things with my brothers that you will never experience! I think I can handle it! Don't you?"

"Fine. Right, so first I need your names…"

Lea sat down slowly and looked at Blake. Jack turned his head and looked at Blake expecting him to tell the leader their names.

"Well, I'm Blake, this is Jack and of course you've already seen our little sister, Lea. She's a bit of a handful. Jack is a great lad but knows how to beat anyone in a fight and I'm the oldest but least mature. We live in the old shack at the end of the road before the shops."

The leader looked from Lea, to Blake and his eyes rested on Jack who stared defiantly back. They stared into each other's eyes for a while until a knock came from the door.

"Sir, we just wanted to know when you are choosing the new leader of the gang."

Leader looked at the boy then at Blake.

"Well, Sam I think Blake here is a perfect leader. What do you think? He took down Archie didn't he?"

"Which one sir?"

"Chamberlin. The toughest one. Oh and by the way tell Turner to get lost and that he ain't welcome here anymore."

"Yes sir and I do think that Blake would be a good leader. I'll go tell the boys."

And with that he disappeared. The Leader turned to Blake and spoke again.

"Blake, you will lead this gang and will have to choose a name for it because we haven't come up with one. I haven't been in this position long but I am too old now to put up with a load of teenage boys. So what do you say?"

He looked at Blake. Blake shrugged, paused then nodded. He was the new leader from then on. After the old leader left he named the group Tha Lawh Brakerz. He knew that he would carry on leading the boys until he was too old and his little brother was old enough.

They walked into the next room, where all the boys were crowded round Archie and Sam.

"What do you think you are doing telling me that I am not welcome here?"

"I was told to tell you so basically you do have to get lost!"

Blake cleared his throat and the ring of boys parted to let him past. He looked at Sam and inclined his head towards the circle. Sam took a step backwards and Blake spun to face Archie.

"Get out… Now." He growled in his deepest most authorizing voice.

Archie looked about the room, searching for a face, that face belonged to Blake's brother, Jack.

"You! What do you think you are doing here? Why do you think you have the authority to be here?" Archie raged.

Jack's shoulders rose and fell in an effortless shrug. He turned on the ball of his foot and rolled his eyes towards Lea. They walked into the office and didn't come out again.

Archie's eyes followed them both, drilling a hole into Jack's back. He looked back at Blake and stormed out of the building slamming the door on its old rusted hinges.

A thunder of applause sounded throughout the small room, Blake was the first ever person to kick Archie out without a fight.

Meanwhile, Jack and Lea had started the walk home, but realized that someone was shadowing their footsteps. Lea spun round and her scream echoed like a siren throughout the air…

Read the next chapter to find out what happens…