Fiery feisty brown eyed burning sage, break out of your cage and releash the rage. Dancing on the world's stage, you turn to a brand new page in history. The story of my life, this so called misery of mine doesn't compare to anything you may be feeling. You find love in a hopeless place while I have less breathing space. With every heart beat, there are always mountains, obstacles standing in my way. Within plain sight, I appear to be a loser and life couldn't move any faster for me. You grace me with your presence and hear me right out loud. I race against time to be closer to you because you need my support. Traveling celestial light, please overshadow me and breathe me. I find a light to an open door and my words hit the floor. My heart, poetic art is the window to my creative imaginative soul. Being called out in the dark, its like being bitten by a shark and I feel so sensitive. Cutting deeper into my skin, God exposes the best parts of me every hour while I pour out my heart before the world.