How can we fly with no wings
down the distant shore above the pink skies
and sunset's far from over?
How does the water looks so blue
if all we ever do is smile and fake it,
that the heart we all have is tainted beyond recognition?
And how does the love that keeps escaping
come back to me one day
if all I ever did was to stop myself from falling further
and life's just horrible in all ways it can be
yet sometimes there's a thing that keeps us from leaving,
draws us back to the mesmerizing eyes of mother Earth
and live up to our last breaths before our eyes
become empty like the vessels that travel sea 'till night.
Towards the end, we heaved a sigh below the whispering sands
as the waves crash ashore the tranquil sound of nature
and our tears in departure, only wanting to see our loved ones
the very last time before we leave.