And I remember how warm petals felt
in a cold summer's day, those were in your slim fingers.
You'd look at me with a smiling face,
one that could have melted the snowy hill.
I would stare in amazement, too paralyzed too look
even though that smile you gave
would one day become someone else's.
And I don't regret it one bit, no:
one year has flown too fast,
just a little uphill from the past.
Though you're still almost the same,
maybe it was me who has changed from
being that cute, obedient little girl to the person I am now.
That now I'm far from obedient or naive,
and the only thing that's constant is the change within.
You should know, that I'm not a consistent type
and everyone should have known
how deeply I was in love with you
yet it went pretense unnoticed.
Now my heart should know how much tears it took
to finally get over you just to fall in love again.
Falling in love took a mere few seconds,
getting out of it was the hardest thing I've down,
second to breathing the corrupted air of this tainted world.
But in the end, I'm still… breathing the same air,
wearing the same clothes, being under the same sky
all over again, only I've changed.