Lone wolf

Lonely spirit

Lonely soul,

Always searching

Never whole,

Always on the outside

Never on the in,

Nobody notices her

Not even her own kin.

The wind she wishes

Through her hair

The freedom she wants

Of a wild born mare,

The night her sanctuary

The moon her friend,

A friend she wishes

The moon will send.

Always feared


Alone she hides

Deep in the wood,

Stories told

Sometimes miss sold,

Plots of fears

Nobody realizes

The amount of tears.

You've heard my story

Now can you guess?

The animal in side

A lone wolf yes,

For i am real

And always me

People just don't get it

As you see,

The images they conjure

All the years I survived

The tears that have fallen

Would they rather I live I lie?

I may cry at night

Does not make me weak,

I hide in the dark

Free here I am to speak,

My wake brings sorrow

While my dreams bring hope,

Nobody knows what's on the morrow

I live for today

I dream for tomorrow,

I don't linger in the past

Filled with too much sorrow,

The future is bright

As long as I keep it that way

I can now see the light

At the end of the tunnel

For nothing is set in stone

For nobody knows what's coming

A wolf will not always be alone.