Heart's temptation

Walls surround me keep me hidden

Alone inside

All happiness ridden,

My inner demons circle close

Tempting me with my heart's want most,

Darkness it calls

Tempting me with the fall.

Alone it taunts

All alone

A forest looms and slowly daunts,

Screams fill my mind

The pain to all man kind

Make its stop I scream

Too much for one dream!

In a room of scarlet red

Shadows linger

Fill me with dread,

Join us they whisper ever close

They know the I wish the most,

No it is wrong

This this is not my life song

Suddenly a dazzling light

Saves me from the horror

And banishes the shadow without need of fight,

Your free it whispers cool and clear

As it shows me what I hold dear,

You are loved and you are free

Now I can see