"Are you sure about this?" The man asked, watching the young woman's face contradict with sadness. The pulsating light from the steam-lit streetlights flickered across her face, revealing a tear making its way down her pale cheek.

"No, but it's the right thing to do." The woman said, her voice steady despite her appearance. But even as she spoke, she hugged the baby in her arms tighter to her chest.

"We don't know that yet." The man looked away into the dark end of the street, as if he didn't believe his own words. A brisk wind made his coat wrap around the young couple, shielding them from the rest of the world.

"The angels are always right, you should know that better then anyone." The woman said, looking up into the face of the man, the torment was clear in his eyes.

"I just never thought… I just never thought it'd be my daughter."

"I know, I know," she leaned into the man, and they both watched the baby's sleeping face behind the velvet blankets. "But as you said, it's not completely sure yet." A slight ray of hope seemed to roll into her tone.

"Of course," the man's face softened. "Nothing is written in stone."

"No," she smiled sadly. "Only in the skies."

The man closed his eyes, his arms tightening around the woman and the baby, the light above them gave one last flicker, like a heartbeat, and went out.

At the end of the street, a new light had appeared, but it wasn't the usual streetlamp, it was a man. At least it looked like a man at first sight, but then the light radiating from him reached the couple, and the man beside the woman nodded solemnly.

"Zachariel," he said. The glowing man took a few long steps towards the couple, seemingly floating, and held his arms out.

"I am sorry, but it's now or never." His face didn't show any emotion, but his eyes where glued to the small baby. The woman gave a noise of protest, but then kissed the baby on the top of the head, and carefully handed it to the glowing man. He took the baby in his gently, and then looked at the couple, still without emotion.

"She will be safe, I give you my word." He bowed, still holding the baby to his chest, with one hand into a fist above his heart.

"Thank you Zachariel." The word's had barely left the man's lips before the streetlight flickered, and once again they couple were illuminated with light.

Zachariel was gone.